Just A Dream

    I'm proudly to announce that our first video is now in Youtube! I just finished the video yesterday and the saving and uploading really takes time but still, I'm really happy to finish this video after two weeks being busy and having trouble on everything. Of course, I would like to thanks those people who helped and supported me specially the people who understand us while on shooting and gave us chance. I know that many of you were waiting for this video so I hope you like it!

    Each one of us is inspired by someone special, someone who we love. But what if they are suddenly gone in our sight and know that there will be no second chance for us to see them and to say how we feel for them...What are you going to do?

MaiRie Étoile ・ iDomo Étoile ・ YaSuo Étoile ・ MaRie Étoile ・ MiaRi Étoile ・ Miyuki Étoile White! Étoile ・ Yellow! Étoile ・ Jad Étoile ・ Sexquisite Étoile ・ Cat Étoile ・ Ayame Étoile
Yamamoto85 Cookie- ・ ᗩ ι ʞ α ♡ ・ rabbbity ・ Clive ・ ✿Hê¡Ð¡❤ßêâr✿ ・ Brian Lihero ・F☆O FℓυfŶLαvї  ・ ♠Oi♠Bryceloski ♠Oi♠ Sasa Mii

Special Thanks

Étoile Royals

For helping me and being the cast on this video

Jean Royal Étoile 

The best pico who props-er ever!

Just A Dream Photo Contest Participants

-¤||Dhea||¤- &  Argo~
αηαѕтαѕуα 6 baby milo 12
kikay15 & @dj james@
s1-м☻мαψ™-[YB] & Domo-kun
✿Hê¡Ð¡❤ßêâr✿ & -Clive-
~Coffee Toffee & ~FrenchToast™
♠Oi♠Bryceloski & ♠Oi♠ Sasa Mii
jessic♡ hyun ♡ & jason nik
Internet user & Eva DéToL 
[tC] C a r e & MiNgMinG
Ayame Étoile & Yamamoto85
<Tamago Daii> & princess xDD
F☆O FℓυfŶLαvї & Brian Lihero
 Cintya gaemァルド & ║¥íℓ∂║ßúĐΐ™♂ &  ║¥íℓ∂║Xeline♀
♡Dianna Agron♡ & F☆O Doraemon

Just A Dream Photo Contest Winners

✿Hê¡Ð¡❤ßêâr✿ & -Clive-
Brian Lihero & F☆O FℓυfŶLαvї
♠Oi♠Bryceloski & ♠Oi♠ Sasa Mii

Shooting Expirience

    It was very exciting every time we are going to take and funny when we get mistake but sometimes when people are blocking even though they know we are doing something, even how many times you please it was really irritating. It was really hard taking every scenes when there is mistakes and hard to re-take the scenes. That's why, I'm saying now that there are some mistakes on the video XD So please don't mind it, haha!

    Actually, we are supposed to take videos with the Just A Dream winners but our time weren't match and I was really busy in real life specially last week, was my examination week. So sorry ><

    Also, I won't forget my partner, iDomo Étoile. Shooting with him was the easiest thing ever. He's easy to direct and things really went smooth and we don't actually retake the scenes. So I wanna thank this guy also for being my partner on the video :)

    It was the time that iDomo and MaiRie was about to meet for their date and iDomo was about to propose, but then, MaiRie was in hurry so she just keep on running and hit by a car. iDomo always wanted to see MaiRie and he always remember their happy times, as well as MaiRie... she always trying to show that she's always with iDomo but then she cant. Now see what's the ending!


-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile
MaiRie Étoile

Happy Birthday to Jad Étoile!


Lolita Sisters said...

I very love the video. >_-


ßℓα¢к❀Ŕσѕє said...


уυι мαкíтѕυ said...

it is super cool and cute! i love it! <3
btw im Miyuki Étoile's friend before until now XD
~♫ уυι ♪

Lexi said...

I Adore the Etoile Family♥ Im always seeing at least One Per day♥

Etoile Sisters said...

Thank You guys!

desmomo1 said...

i LOVE the video! this is ❤Eиνу яι¢нєz❤, i talked to u at ur place (:

STAR said...

love the vid so awesome

Ako Si ReGgy said...

waaaaaaaa... love d video of u and idomo "just a dream" :3

-- [VE] milo.

Kamila Nastiti said...


►☼star☼◄ said...

love the vid

SISTAR_Hyorin said...

nice vid its cool

glenda regan said...

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Anonymous said...

that was beautiful ;_;
good job..!

Anonymous said...

I really like this video!


kattycherry said...

"Each one of us is inspired by someone special, someone who we love. But what if they are suddenly gone in our sight and know that there will be no second chance for us to see them and to say how we feel for them...What are you going to do?" where did u get those beautiful words? im touch so lovable

precious joy said...

i always watch that it so sad i'm always cry if i saw that video

F☆O Crystal♫ⓢ said...

Nice video!! I watch again and again :) it is a very sad video =) it's awesome!!!!

Dilla99 said...

good job etoile sister!! =D i really like the video..it is a sad video..but i'll never bored to watch it again and again..and the song is good

ღуυмι уσσηαღ said...

its soo awesome!! i watch it again and again and again. NON STOP!! ok not non stop but yeah. u should soooo make more. ur really good at making them.

ℓucy ♥ said...

So nice i like all of your videos i already watched it10 times and its still not boring for me it so beautiful

Rodhzlee said...


Eternal said...

This is like... my a millionth time watching it, and I'm still not sick of it :)

my keyboard is soaked...
-sniff nose-

. M A N I S . said...

:) super thumb

๖ۣۜ♡ÇαηÐïeร♥™ said...

This Video Make Me Cry :')

Annisa Putri Kinanti said...

nice video.. i cry too when i saw the video.. The saddest part when iDomo was remembered the sweet moments when Mai is still alive.. SO SADD

MiMi and MoMo said...

This made me cry! it's so sad even though its pico! Omg I wish I was part of the participant! :L Now my bed is wet cuz of my tears!

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