These days, getting big, having a big head and teleporting is being known by most of the picos. And last time, I just said in our fan page about the changing of your gender... now, not only you can change your gender, but also you can remove your Pico's undies!

    I was surprised when i saw my online friends and saw one of my buddies were naked. Yes, it's not lag but its really done to be naked. This started 3-4 days ago discovered by him! Just right after when I knew about the changing gender thing. LAWL

    I think, most of the people knows that I love it when Pico gets lag and become naked specially at casino. I've been posting about naked picos around. Oh, don't think something bad. I just really find it interesting and unique.. cuz its really rare. I always love things that is something different :)

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


Lolita Sisters said...

Boy has eye shadow ?! Never saw it !!!


Indy said...

How to be naked? Can you tell me?

huedagismi said...

my friend said there using cheat for that .. :\

♦☺♥MICHAELASMITH♦☺♥ said...

lol that is a bit funny

♥Andicaκεs♥ said...

O.O Weiirddd

fumika said...

how to cheat to be naked plss etolie! pls teach me how!

Anonymous said...

how? please tell me!! XDD TEACH ME!!

Etoile Sisters said...

Lol, we don't know how but our friend does haha -Mai

Ayame Suzuki said...

How Do U Change Gender?Not That I Want To Try It Of Course!:3

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