Auto Clicker

    After a long time, I finally made a video about the Auto Clicker I recommended long time ago. This video is in fast speed so just look carefully or just pause it. I hope this is a big help for those people who were having a hard time to understand it :)

    On the setting of the location part.. it's up to you to set where you want to click it. Just make sure it'll click on the Bonus Boxes. I may not be lucky on this video but if you try the line I set.. it'll work :)

    Good Luck!
-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


Lolita Sisters said...

It's really good for me. I always lucky when I'm using auto clicker. But can you tell me if AFK then I want to do some action when I'm afk, need to click ??


Ŕoyal Miku x Ŕoyal Hyuna said...

Where Can I Download It?

★αуαкα★Pikachu said...

will I get banned?

XypherSoftware said...

i use something like that but for my phone and for my computer . It's an auto clicker mac that i think it's better.

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