I was surprised when Mia came into my room with someone looked like us. LOL! Well actually, she's an Étoile too and she just copied us. Well, I think she was  bored XD It was so surprising cuz she was pretty with her look, her eyes were nice and it suits with her pink lips. Lol, I wish we were triplets but no XD My mom only gave me a twin and two younger brother and sister only. Haha! Well, I'm contented what I have now.

    So, because it's summer, we decided to go there at pool and take some pictures. We had small talk there about many things in Pico.

    And I'm so happy to have triplet once in my life even just in short time :) Oh by the way, that girl is not a "she". Well, I think, everyone is aware about the tricks here on Ameba Pico. and as I remember, I posted something about here too XD

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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