[New] Casino Challenge and Lucky Perfumes!!!

    Have you heard it?! Another Casino Cheat is here! And as of the released casino cheats, I think this is the best one!

Introducing  the Perfumes!
Slot 3x Perfume 100sets - 100AG
Slot 5x Perfume 100sets - 200AG

    Also, there's a new campaign in Las Vegas! Just like on Ameba Pigg, Ameba Pico finally adopted it! The campaign which you could earn stone,casino dollars, decors and outfit!

Together with our lil sis, Mackenzie wearing the Étoile Style Sweet Outfit! 

November 2nd ( after maintenance)~November 8th (23:59 GMT)
3x winning amount everyday throughout campaign
(5x winning amount from 11/4~11/7 0:00 GMT

Win 1,000C$  (from the start)  →    Almighty One x10, Slot 3x Perfume x5
Win 10,000C$ (from the start)  →   Almighty Three x20, Slot 5x Perfume x5
Win 50,000C$ (from the start)   →   Vegas Limited Sweets Sofa
Win 100,000C$ (from the start)   → Vegas Limited Sweets Bed
Win 150,000C$ (from the start)   → Vegas Limited Sweets Hat, Vegas Limited Sweets Outfit

The first 100 users, who make $150,000, will also win a special

Vegas Limited Sweets Lamp as a prize!

    Isn't that great? Now let's go to the sloooot!!!
-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


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