Étoile Story

    Mia and Mai met at Reversi and became good friends until the time came that Mai decided to decor her room and quit reversi. It was for the Room Decor contest but sadly, Mai wasn't able to win the contest. She decide to build up a cat which is her one and only cat, Pure dark but then people says it looks like a Bat, a rabbit and other creatures around which makes Mai decided to make the black cat turned to Cheshire Cat where Alice in Wonderland started. Mai finished her room by Novemberand entered the hot 30 on 16ht of November in 8th rank and after 3 days she reached the top.

    By November 21, Mai and Mia officially started becoming Étoile Sisters and that's the time Royal Diaries started. Mai was in hot 30 for about 2 weeks after Gira. On those times, there were two guys who make friends with her, one is Jad who were in hot 30 as well and he was doing his best to reach the top, and DJ BryWIJ, who used to visit hot 30 rooms and the other girl is L'Heure Bleue who she became closed with and they became good friends. The day came and Mai thought of making a "Private Group" and she asked bry if it is a good idea and bry didn't doubt on supporting Mai. YaSuo and Doki, one of Mai's close old friends became part of it as well.

    There were so many visitors of her room and keep asking her if they can join the Étoile Family, though it doesn't really exist. 27th of November when Mai and Mia got bored with their pico life and made the Étoile Family for fun but if it'll have a good flow, they'll make it official. But the family wasn't good at all. It was too random and didn't work for long, time passed by, only Anna and Mackenzie left stable to Étoile Sister's life. So from that time, only Mai, Mia, Mackenzie and Anna became a family for a while....

    One dya, Bry and Mai talked about their "Private Group" and Étoile. Mai wants to close their Private group and just a family... a formal family... something would be related in wonderland... and that's the time they decided to make it a Royal Family. Mai asked bry if he can be the father but Bry would reject and keep on saying "NO WAY! ME?! FATHER?!!!" and Bry's reactions were really funny until Mai thought that he could as her friend if he could join the family even though they just met... and her friend accepted her invitation. Time came and Mackenzie wanted a twin and she asked Mai if she could find a good guy and Mai thought of her best friend's cousin, Yasuo. She asked Yasuo and he accepted it immediately. January 16 and the first family picture was taken.

    Mai also included Jad after being inactive to join since he was a member of their "Private Group", as well as Doki and Mai's good friend, L'Heure Bleue as their cousin!. They also had a new member but then, the guy wasn't good enough and did something bad. Mai would love to talk to hi but he just left w/o saying anything because he knew he was wrong and the family number is already 9.

    From that time, the people who wants to be in the family became numbers and one of them was Cat who saw mai from hot 30, she approached Mai that she wanted to be an Étoile and Mai. January 20, when they first met, Mai asked her such things and let her dad to listen and both Mai and White didn't doubt on accepting her and she was in a joy. The time came and Cat asked her if a friend of her could join the family and that's the time when Chu became part of us!

    In Alice in Wonderland, Mai saw Romeo said something related the family so Mai asked him if he wants and he accepted it. It January 26 when Romeo became part of the family and it happened that one of Bry's close friend, Nicky was there who want's to be part as well so those two became an Étoile

    There was a time that Étoile was in break since there were too many people who's trying to get in and Mai don't accept members for a while, but before the family turned on a break, :]tina became part of the family and Mai also met her in her room.

     The bond of the family became stronger each day. They usually play casino together or stay in Mai's room and take so many pictures as one of the best memories.

    Mai saw White's elder sister for the first time around February and since they are siblings for real, Mai bravely asked her if she wants even though they doesn't know each other well. But everything went fine. On the picture, it's the rehersal of Pico Rock Band's first video. That was the time the Pico Rock Band was just starting.

    Around those time, Mai wasn't in hot 30 anymore and she just working with her blog ,Royal Diaries and spending time with her family. Sometimes, together with her room fans.

    Mai's stay on Tagalog Park became usual again since she became the assistant/muse of a clan, called bosz. She met this guy, Ranzi and they became close friends and the time came and Ranzi want's to join the family but Mai thought about it for a while to observed and on February 12, he became an official Étoile

    Étoile Family's members are increasing as the time passing by. But everything is fine because they always spend their time together, help together specially when there's events, contest in Ameba Pico World or Birthdays.

    Around first week of March, YaSuo had a problem with his another family, Hayashi. Yes, it's not allow in our family to have 2 families but then, it was too late when I knew that Yasuo has a family before Étoile. It was really trouble some but at the end, Yasuo's 3 sisters joined Étoile Family but not as siblings anymore.

    And after ages ago, with out saying anything, Bry is finally back! He said he was busy in university and real life and I actually thought he quit pico with out saying some thing! And I was really happy to see him once again.

crystal was incited by romeo inside my room 3. And the happy clover and matt became a member after pico style closed... jean became etoile together with sexquisite aka zye's. When we was about to close etoile, selly got a really surprising reason and i cant do anything to accept her.

Zye left the fam in purpose, Romeo quit for tragic, Doki left for personal reason but Zye is coming back.. now,.. who wil lbe the 5 new Étoilesto complete us to 30?

 ☆Étoile Sisters
Étoile Royal Family
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


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etoile history ><
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