Scratch Card

    Hello Everyone! I know most of you have noticed after the previous maintenance, we don't have the daily scratch card where we could get gummies and tokens after two weeks/14 days we have log in

Daily Scratch Card

     Ameba Pico admins have never informed us regarding the scratch card on why is it gone. Is it for propose or they mistakenly removed it? I'm afraid that it is another Ameba Pico System failure because it's a big inconvenience for their customers.

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     As we have observed, the total count of Ameba Pico's "monthly active users" Last year, 2010 was about 600,000 and more. 2011 came and it's lessen to 500,000+ monthly active users. But since last month(?) Ameba Pico's active users for month decreased to 390,000. Does it mean people are getting tired of their game because of the errors, failures, lack of services, too expensive items,. etc?

I'm afraid that someday, the same thing will happen to Ameba Pico, just like world chef, closed after months they released the game.

    So what do you think about these things??

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


PiePanda said...

That could just mean some facebook using picos got banned from their facebook account and decided to play on pico.ameba.net or mochi games. That's not the exact total so there should be anything to worry about

Salmi said...

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