Étoile Dream

    Finally and Étoile Family is complete 30! The Noble positions are completed too and I'm really happy for our new family member. I was really about to cry in real because of happiness and excitement while announcing their names. I thought that... "from this day, it'll be not only us.. there will be something new, not just the members but I'm really sure that we will have more memorable memories in our Virtual Life! And I'm also happy to hear from the new Étoiles that it was like a dream come true for them and I'm so glad that they felt that way. It's so touching..

    The party was really successful. All of Alice in Wonderland is full and have full waiting list. It was amazing and I didn't really expect. Most of them woke up in midnight just to attend the part. Thank you everyone for the participation in our Anniversary!!

    Their dreams came true but, how about Me and Mia? We've been thinking and imagining this thing these past few days, though its pretty impossible. We wish that our pet tigers, Shainon and Shianon to be big enough for us to be able to ride on!

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


Dyladlina said...

I bet next year etoile family will search 5 more members. I hope I be etoile Familyyyyyyyy <3 XD

Anonymous said...

Its my dream to be a etoile =3 and i like your post my pico ID ishh вяιттиєу ѕτaя★ but i'm not rich and i don't have Ag and im a baby on pico xD

Mandy Quan said...

Wow, really nice editing skills^3^

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