Getting Along

    I'm starting to get busy again since we have another exam this December and these past few days, I have a lot of work and I started getting busier than ever because I entered the student council (I won on the election) so I'll be going home more late than before. Then I also have club activities in real and usually have performances every month. It's so tiring now!!

    And I'm so happy to see my long lost friends around in pico. After a long time not seeing them, finally got a chance to talk once again!

    One of them is Jusun, my Korean friend. We've known each other more than a year already and year ago, we wanted to be in hot 1 after me and then I tried to help him but it didn't work ><

    Well, it was really fun to remember happy memories. I missed this guy and he was actually a well-known-pico. I usually talked to him together with Neko Étoile and it was really fun. Ah~ I really love to reminiscence those good times. I talked to him on the time after the St. Patrick's event (I think) and I just saw him again today.

    Next one is DQ. Who knows her? She's one of the known pico too! Shes the one at the right side with brown hair. 

    I didn't saw her for long after she quits on playing Pico long time ago. Well, a while ago, she visited me in my room and I thought that, I've seen her eyes and I'm right it's her!

    Well she's doing great like she always to. I really enjoyed talking to her as well!

    And these are my Tagalog Park 1 friends. I met them long time ago there when I used to stay at the park and it's been a while since I saw them! I missed them so much and they didn't really change! All of us are playing Ameba Pico more than a year and we are all got escargot now like we have dreamed before. :)



    The "Last Étoile", Selly. I finally found her! I finally able to talked to her! I've been searching for her for long and Mia told me that they are buddies. And then I messaged her so many times already even on facebook and finally! I got a chance to chat with her! I missed this girl!!


    It was the time when I was talking with Jusun when someone followed me and I thought it's Miyuki but when I checked her profile, it's Selly Étoile!

     I really panicked so much because I'm so exited to talk with her! She told me that she's busy in real life that's why she rarely online! And also, after a long time, waiting for her to accept my request, we are buddies again!


-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


RandomPanda said...

Omg! I love Jusun's room. At the beginning of 2011 I used to go to his room all the time. I saw him once, but too scared to talk. Lol.

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