New Daily Scratch?

    Ameba Pico apologizes to their gamers regarding the missing daily scratch card for their users weren't able to get the tokens after 14 days login in their game.

 "Dear Pico Users

We apologize for the inconvenience with the previous daily login bonus, “Daily Scratch Card”.

We had many reports from users that they could not receive TOKEN, the 14th day login prize.
Please click on the “Sorry” icon on the left side and claim the prize. (Once only)
This is available for all users, from November 10th- November 24th

Thank you for playing Pico World!

Thank you,

Pico Staff.

    They said, "We had many reports from users that they could not receive TOKEN, the 14th day log in Prize". Don't you think, 1 token isn't enough for us because we are actually not receiving our daily log in gummies? I think Admins should do something regarding the scratch card, fix it and put it back if they accidentally removed it. Don't you wonder why they didn't say anything about why there is no daily scratch card? They never inform us regarding our daily log in prize. Just the scratch card suddenly disappeared with out any notice to their users.

How to get your token:

Step 1:
Click the icon of Chloe saying "Sorry"

 Step 2: A window will appear saying "Our Sincere Apology..." then press "Receive Prize".

Step 3: As soon as you click the "Receive Prize", a window saying "You have successfully received the item" will appear. Click close and click on "shop" to see if you have received the token.

    Also, last time, we sent a message to pico.ameba.net/contact to inquire regarding the error and finally, Ameba Pico Admins replied on the report.

"Dear customer,

Thank you fro contacting Pico World Support!

 We apologize for the sudden loss of the Daily Scratch. Right now we are not sure if we will bring it back, but we are close to making a decision. We are always thinking of ways to make Pico World a more enjoyable expirience, so it's possible that a new and improved Daily Scratch will be part of Pico World again very soon.


    Does it mean there will be a new Daily Gacha?! I bet if they are going to renew it, it'll be like Ameba Pigg's Daily gacha! It's gonna be exiting!!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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