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    Hello readers! Here's another post regarding our family. We've been receiving many questions through messages, board, comments and in personal in pico world regarding Étoile Royal Family if it will open again, and when.

    Everyone knows that our family is closed since May 2, 2011. After 5 months, since we were 25 Étoiles who are left after a year, we had the "Étoile Search 2011" to make our number exact 30. Many people joined and there were still some who wasn't able to join and missed out the chance and most of them are the ones who were asking.

    Étoile Royal Family is official close due to maintain our population to manage out things. As we have observed and expirienced, too many members isn't good for a family in virtual world. Time might come and things can't be controlled. We want everything to be balanced and enough for us. So it means, Étoile Royal Family is Officially close. It may open again but there is no designated date. We don't know when since we don't really want a super big family.

    Who knows? Even us don't know,.. and actually.. no body knows when. But we are sure that our family will open again, not now,.. not soon but in near future!

    Thank you for endless support to Étoile Royal Family!We owe you everyone of what we have now! We are doing our best not just for us but for everyone too! You guys are our inspiration!

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


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