Recyle Campaign

    After waiting for so long. After holding my patience not to delete my items. FINALLY!!! The 3rd recycle campaign is here! Finally, my closet and decor can breathe! But this campaign is only for a day after the maintenance!!! So I have to delete as soon a possible.

    So I started on this amount of gummies, 39,641 gummies. I deleted all items on my closet that has multiple numbers such as gummy items,ag items and casino items. My items decreased 40 only. I can't find other items to delete because I was thinking that I could use them for video. Some are rare items.

    Even my items on decor. I deleted the blocks I used to use long time ago. But I thought I am not going to use it anymore so I deleted them too >< but I only deleted 66 items *Sigh* I hope I could survive with this! And now,.. I got...

I think this is enough for my 
preparation this Christmas!!!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


Delancey said...

wow u got EVERY ITEM MY PICO NEEDED ;O i wish i can have it.. donateplz? xD

Michelle said...

Wow! I tried saving up to 50,000 to get a big expansion but only made it to 15,000...I was to bored to fill up my bar. But..79,000?!? You're so lucky! I wish I was you.

EJ said...


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