My Precious

Okay, so... I`m going to Introduce a lot of things first.

    Now, I`m going to introduce to you my Lil` Sis... MiaRi Etoile. I really love her so much! She`s always with me and helps me when she`s not busy. You can also see her in my room beside me and usually in blue.  She has a very simple room and I`m helping her to save her gummies for expansion.

    Please Visit my Lil` Sis! Kay? :D 

    Here`s my Black Cat, Pure. A Quiet but Friendly cat and now, She`s already 5 months old. She was my first investment using Ameba Gold. Now, she have 8 tricks now and soon we`ll be 9 ← I can`t wait with that!

    Many people say "Black Cat`s Fortune is Bad luck. But for me, She`s my Lucky Charm.

    So please pet her every time you see her! I`m sure she`ll love it :3

Pure doing the 
"Hand Stand"


       Pet-Lift Up-Paw-Sit-Stand-Wave-Cat Tail-Hand Stand

*I`ll post some of her pictures doing her tricks, 
maybe when she learned the 9th*


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