I had a little photoshoot inside my house with my friends
to guide the others for them to know where are the spots that they can go

    I got 3,004 rings yesterday! YAY!! Is this a Legend already?:O Well, Thanks to the people who visited me! Me friend, ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡ helped me on asking people to ring my room. Actually, it was like... when I noticed that my rings can reach 3k, I tried to make parties and asked my visitors to ring my room and then on that point ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡ and saw me asking people to ring. And then he helped me with the last 30 minutes to get 100 more ring! xO HE WAS THE SAVIOR OF THE DAY

    ♡‿♥Aйgⓔ†Jⓐd♥‿♡ is a really nice guy from Lebanon. His room is now in HOT 17th! Please give him a props when you see him and also please visit his house if you want :D You can also help him to increase is ranking.

Here`s his simple house:


    Well, Until here guys :3 I`m gonna post more houses tomorrow or other stuffs! Don`t forget to follow us okay? Feel free to use our Blog Link for your URL in pico or invite your friends to see our blog! Thank You

Special Thanks to: Our friends who were there in the Photoshoot

bunny boo;)
♡。◕‿◕DJ trisha
eunice <3

~★MaiRie Etoile


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