Ameba Pico had just resumed and parks turned back to normal. I checked every places in Pico specially the Casino Area and it was complete. After 5 minutes, I received a message from my friend and she asked my if i have Black Jack Area and when I checked it again., it was gone... so she asked my to follow her there.

And right now, I am here in Black Jack High Roller 1



Legendary Ninja Quest Items Guide
This post is requested.

Geta chance to get the Legendary Suit for the last time!

    Ameba Pico is giving the users who haven't completed the request to invite their Facebook friends for rice balls!-Check out the post here.If you're having some trouble on inviting your buddies, don't doubt to add us on Facebook and send your requests!

Items Guide
Ooku Living Room

Jokomachi (Roof)


Back Street

River Side

Common Items
These items can be found in Normal Boxes

Rare Items
    Rare items can be found in Special Boxes. Special Boxes only appear when you finish the training w/o any mistakes.
Video Guide:

My Family With Ninja Suit

-Étoile Sisters



    Well, it`s been a while since I visited France. And I just remembered that I haven't get my star there at Cafe. As usual, I had a hard time on waiting for the waiter to come and give me water... It took like 5 minutes for me to get my star~ Well, when he gave m y water... The waiter greeted me. Haha! Right after I get my star, MaRie followed me there and we went at Crystal`s house and we took a picture there. She`ve been inviting us for long~ And today was the only chance we`ve got. :3

After this picture taking, MaRie and I went to the Anniversary Park and meet my precious twin, Mia♥

-MaiRie Étoile

I just started Ameba Pico

This post is for the Ameba Pico Starters.

Welcome To Ameba Pico
    Ameba Pico is the English version of Ameba Pigg in Japanese version by Cyber Agent. Are you planning to play Ameba Pico? Well, I`ll show you how easy to make an account! Now, let`s start.
Sign in on http://pico.ameba.net/ or Log in through your Facebook to plug in. I`m recommending you to make your Pico through facebook so that you can get free gifts from your friends/buddies!  

    After choosing your gender, you`re going to customize your look: Face, Front hair, Back hair, eye brows, eyes, nose, mouth,mole and make up(if you choose female)

    Then, Get started! When you click 'Play Pico' Chloe is going to visit your house to guide you for the basic steps to get gummies.


    When you finish this, Chloe will send you back to your home and that will be the start of your virtual life in Ameba Pico World

See  Ameba Pigg Video Guide

-Étoile Sisters


Are you ready to rock?

    Awhile ago, Anna(my daughter) went online and then all Étoiles came into my room to have a family picture together with BM. But then, Anna suddenly disappeared and it`s like the purpose of our picture taking is gone. Bry and Matt told me to continue even tho we`re just few... and that time, my dad, White! also had to go and left us. Until others came, Jessica, Miyu, Ayame and Yumi. I asked them if they want to make band and then they said yes and we went in my room 2 and started to rock XD

    After we rock there in my room 2, Clover made an event for a fashion show and look! This is the new design of his room. At first I thought it is the Fashion Show in France Park but no... it was his room XD LOL. But not really, this is not for fashion show but for band :3 He actually performed on the stage while people were coming to watch him. LOL.

-MaiRie Étoile


[New Park] Have You Experienced Edo Vivid?

Ameba Pico has a new
Premium Gacha!

    Just now, Ameba Pico release their new Premium Gacha! Hurry and check out the new park of Edo! I`m sure that you`re going to like these items! These items have similarities in Kabuki Theater.

Items List:

 If you collect certain items from this Gacha, you will receive a prize! Edo Vivid Room Set!!

Isn`t that great? These items are better than Japanese items before!

Inside Clover`s house



    This post is about the updates of bugs,hacks and cheat issue and doesn`t contain about on  how to do it. We`ve been investigating these issues for long and now it`s confirmed. If you are not believing about it, please stop reading now.

Room Favorites

    The hacking issue about Room Favorites  is true. It`s not an error. But just this week, the bug/hack have been fixed buy the Admins of Ameba Pico. So  if you are planning to be in Hot 30, don`t be scared... just enter the top 30! It`s 100% safe now. And for those people who are going to try to hack, you`ll just fail ...it`s useless unless there is another way on doing it. And to make it clear, the issue about the decor items/clothes are missing is not true. This is confirmed by my friend who discovered on how the hackers are doing it, he`s one of our spies. :3

    Who`s the hacker? Well as what we`ve heard, the hacker is also in HOT 30 that time-said by someone we interview. Well, it`s possible and I have no doubt if it is true. I believe that some who are aiming for the high rankings are the ones who started the night mare for the top rooms. And now it`s fixed, we hoped that it`ll not going to happen again.

Legendary Ninja Quest

    This issue started last March 19, 2011.from someone`s blog. Right now, some picos are getting  intrigue... some are pissed off. Most of the people who tried this hack got stock on the numbering of 29 even though the pictures are counted 30. So I don`t really advice you to do it cuz` Ameba Pico haven`t fix the problem and I`m not sure if they are going to fix it.


    Last March 24, 2011. There is someone who got banned because of cheating on blackjack.(Check the post here). I saw many picos are reporting to Ameba Pico`s fan page that they are seeing some hackers to earn many c$ on their wins-well, some are reporting the wrong person. So, if you`re scared enough, better you stop planning on doing it because this might be the reason for getting banned. 

    I saw someone, playing yesterday at casino and I saw through my eyes how he hacks it and he`s not the one who got banned last time. And as what I`ve heard. This user got banned too.

Gift Links

    Gift Links helped us a lot, yeah even me but they are not working anymore-maybe with some pico users, it does.-. So, don`t wonder why you can`t get some foods/stuffs. It`s not becuase Ameba Pico is error-always error- but because Ameba Pico already fixed it -after 8months or more than.

-Étoile Sisters


My Sky

Mai and Sora

    Lol, well that`s the translation. In japanese, when you type "My" in katakana(カタカナ) it`ll look like this -> マイ(Mai). And in Japanese Sora(空) means Sky. So My Sky. Haha! Well I don`t know what should I entitle this post. It`s just random thogh. ><

    Well, a while ago I was inside his house and he made an event. He was sharing his food to earn gummies and then someone asked us about the room`s owner. And... lol XD

    And we were really bored so we did some fashion show again. Well, just two of us changing clothes :3

-MaiRie Étoile


Japanese X French


    I wonder who will win the jack pot. I wish someday I could be a millionaire in casino too. But I wonder when... :| Well, my sis and I had been playing for whole night and both of us earned c$ ^0^. Auto Clicking helps a lot you know! ; )

    Well, of course... as our usual routine is completing our gummies right after our meter refreshed. We started on my twin`s house. And Yeah, she made an event about her foot ball house and many people came. LOL. She earned 25 rings within 1min o_O Gosh. I miss that! LOL.

     Then after, together with Matt and Clover. We went at cafe in France to get a star together but.... We`ve been waiting for more than a minute and the waiter isn`t coming!! Until we decided to go and check the other server cuz the waiter looked stocked. And at the other server, the waited served us buy Mia and I wasn`t able to get a star when we drink the water TT__TT. Well that was other pico`s water drink. hahaha! We stole it. So take note: Drink your won drink to get star!!

Then after, we went at Champs-Élysées to get star(Well I already have one :3)

    The red carpet rolled out as soon as we arrived. Clover and Matt bought their new clothes from the designer and we start modeling and someone even thought I`m a model. LOL. I WISH I AM! >3<

    After we finished our business there, we went at DQ`s house for fashion show. Well these days, Étoiles have been doing some fashion show arround pico and somebody`s room. I think they love it. It`s fun though. :)

    And it`s been a while since we saw my dad. I think he`s busy in real but it`s a good thing that he could still go online. I introduced Clover and Matt to dad and it was the first time they meet each other. Of course, we won`t miss some picture taking!

(Inside DQ`s house)

    This was taken inside DQ`s room 2. I really love this room! We look like a doll inside a frame just like some Hina Matsuri display~

-MaiRie Étoile


[New Shop] Fashion Show Interiors!!

Check out for the Original Post

     Meet our new friend Nicholas! He just opened a new shop-well pico- and he`s the one who manage it. Well, these days... Picos are loving the events like fashion show so I think that`s the reason why ameba pico made a new shop!

 Well, isn`t that great for the fashion show addicts? I think they`ll love the new place since it has a stage! So now, every one could be a supper star! YAY!




    And I really enjoyed staying there together with my sweet lil sis! She even took a picture of me (I posted this on Ameba Pico`s Fan page on face book-> Click here if you want to see). Lol! I really want to become a model!
Someday I`ll be in spot light! (sorry! I like day dreaming ><)

-MaiRie Étoile



    I asked MaRie to go to my room and eat my food this morning and then after, we played. Lol. It was really fun being with her. We were running in my foot ball court like we were playing tag game x3

    Foot Ball court room? Yeah, you`re right about what you`ve heard. I`m doing a foot ball court inside my room for the last scene of our video we taped last month. Right now, I`m really lacking with gummies because last time I bought almost every gummy item of St. Patrick event. I hope that they have another recycle campaign for the 3rd time. I REALLY NEED GUMMIES NOW!

Today`s Updates: 

Excluesive Designer’s Fashion Items!!

    Now,  you can see the French Models around Champs and get a star! Also, get the new items from the Designer!

See also the new Area opening to day!

    This is the area where our banner was taken in Ameba Pigg`s France- Paris Cafe(アメーバピグのカフェ). Now, Ameba Pico also have it too! Isn`t that great?! Everyone could visit it and we could get a star!★

    Well, Have Fun! Let`s Enjoy our Pico Life!

-MiaRi Étoile

[Warning] Banned Users for Casino Cheats


"Dear Pico Users

We have found a user who was using cheats in Casino. That user has been banned from Ameba Pico. Using cheats in Ameba Pico is strictly against our policy. Please look over our
Terms of Services for further information.

Please remember that anyone who uses cheats in Ameba Pico will be banned immediately.

Pico Staff

    Just now, I visited the Black Jack High Roller server 1and there was a lot of people talking about the e have the hottest-latest-news from Ameba Pico Staffs. Someone got banned just now because of using cheat on playing casino`s Black Jack."He have more than 10,000,000c$ just because of cheating in Black Jack High Roller"-★DQ姫系★ . That`s WOW! You can actually buy 10 escargots with that! :O And actually, his Casino card right now is SHINNING BLACK!

How does he play?

 (We don`t own this picture and we don`t own any credits.
This picture was found on Ameba Pico`s Fan page on facebook
poster by someone)

    Using his second account, both of them will sit on both sides and the second account will appear on the other tables. Through this other pico won`t sit and can`t join this came. The dealer either bust or the player will get black jack and the player`s win is possible more than 1,000,000c$.

 Intrigue who is this pico?

you wanna know??


-MaiRie Étoile