Étoiles en France[PART1]

    I was waiting for Happy Clover to finish his interview with ۩кιηg$вℓιηg۩ a while ago. And then after his interview, Étoiles started on comming around and so I paged them all. We had a picture taking inside Happy Clover`s house until he suggested to go travel in France. Yeah! French Family should visit France XD

(MaiRie, Happy Clover,MiaRi, MaRie, Yasuo, Jad, Bry
Cat, Chuu, Miyuki and Ranzi)

    We took a lots of pictures there infront of the Castle? and we had so much fun! But it wasn`t that easy to take a picture because many people were joining/blocking us and it`s really hard to please ans ask them to go for for a while :|

 (Left to Right: Ranzi, Cat, Chuu, Bry, Miyuki, Clover
MaiRie, MiaRi, YaSuo, MaRie and Jad)

    Do we look like tourist? Well, yes but just now... I thought that we whouldn`t remembering that Étoile is French XD LOL And this is actually our first picture.

    We were crazy that time specially Jad and Yasuo who were acting like Romeo and Juliet. Lol, I can`t really imagine them! They were so funny! And from that time, I ask them to start on covering Clover and some gone gay... I mean speak like gay XD!

Wanna see more picture? CLICK HERE!

-MaiRie Étoile


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