iTribe Monthly Reunion

    It`s been a long time since I boned with them. I missed the so much! GOSH! I don`t know why I deleted them except 3ray. But that time, I really wanted to make my pico buddy lists as private ad only the founders will be on my list aside from Étoiles. But I can`t handle it. I added some yesterday... the ones that I was able to search. 

    After we eat in my room, we went at French Park and celebrate the 1 Year Anniversary of Ameba Pico. We had a hard time but we enjoyed our bonding. 

    We also have a new member, Pepperoni2. She`s Pepperoni`s classmate in real life. And right now, We are 46 iTribe members! YAY! :3

    And it`s been a while since I talked to GIRA. LOL! He followed me at the park after the iTribe Reunion party and then we took a picture together with tyanak and speechless :)

-MaiRie Étoile


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