"I guess your ignoring me in pico too. Well, all I can say is that I did not intended to hurt or offend Etoiles.
I was just telling a story. And well, you hurt Kiyoshi's feelings alot. You deleted him. Quit. Then joined Etoiles. Not saying that Etoiles are bad, I'm just sad for Kiyoshi.

I don't wanna get into war again. Sorry Etoiles. But if you're gonna ignore or delete me, Fine. I know all Etoiles hate me now. I just wanna say, if you read the previous posts closely, I'm not insulting anyone!

I think you're just too sensitive, don't take things too serious ly and about Miya, she is heartbroken.

-A. Hayashi

    We are not offend or something annd other Étoiles doesn`t have to do about this. I repeat. They are innocent. I`ll just say, MiaRi, Yasuo, Miyu, Yumi, Jessica and Me are the only Étoiles can be evolved with this. The others? They are out. And We`ll never have a fight to others specially by family. And there`s no "All  Étoiles hate me now" because they don`t really manage the fam. Only Me and MiaRi.


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