Étoiles en France[PART2]

    After we take a picture, we were somewhere around Champs. We were playing tag but it`S opposite.  Clover runs around and we followed him. After we play, Jad changed his face like Oliver`s and that was the start of Broccoli  Family, ooppss! I mean, Happy Oliver Family?

    At first it was only 4 of us there and we were standing near the stop light. People were like. "OH! Oliver family!"until we decided to take another picture so told them to sit on the chaird with tables at the other side while we were waiting for Mia

    And when we were there already, Yasuo and Marie were Oliver looked too! Same as Mia. And then a guy that we didn`t know called Sushi Baby joined us we we look like Happy Broc... I mean Happy Oliver Family now! :D

-MaiRie Étoile


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