I`ve been spending my time with Happy Clover almost a whole day. Well, both of us have nothing to do and he said he`s free 48hrs. So it means, he`s free for two days. LOL! 

    We`ve talked many things specially about music that we like and we`re totally different. But still, there`s some.

    On this picture, we were inside of someone`s house. I don`t know if the owner is his friend but I saw venus baby there and I remembered last time, when we met inside Catgirl`s house.I never knew that she know me and she said she like my house. :O  And the other girl was ๖ۣۜAlice♪, I invited her to visit my house cause I thought she suits there. hahaha! Oh well, so yeah... Clover and I were staying there and -somewhat- playing around and suddenly, I got kicked out w/o doing anything O_O And to tell you the truth, I hate people who kicks their visitor who did nothing wrong. =_=

    And then after, we went at zye`s houses, a.k.a Sexquisite house. He have many visitors were there and chatting around. -Made me miss Hot 30, but I`m still fine, people still visit my house even though I don`t make any event/party. and thanks!- I was just silent somewhere there, not really talking. Shy? Lol. And then when Clover went behind me. I asked him if I can try riding again... and this time.. We succeed! YAY! I have escargot now!- in my dream-

    I met some of their friends, one is peggy. She was nice, but we weren`t able to take a picture since it was very lag out there. Also, Picostyle`s Leader, Catero was there too. Actually, to thell you the truth, I know pico style but I don`t know who`s the head and it also because they have many writers >< And I`m actually confuse, but I  like their blog. :D And I also wish I had a picture with them. But that time, I`m feeling more than shy, I  was just stunned...well not really.. I was just listening because I didn`t know what to say.

And here are some of our photos inside Miyuki`s house. 

With White, and BryWIJ

With Jusun and Frank

-MaiRie Étoile


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