Star of the Day★

For our it`s-been-a-while-star-of-the-day!  Meet


    Well, I`ve been saying his name these days on my previous posts, well the truth is....He`s my second account :D I`ve been using him for long but not that much, but since last week, I`ve been bored and I wanted to do something since it`s already our spring vacation nd I have nothing to do.

    ♣CLOVER♣ have simple room, very... and he`s a noob. Sometimes, I`m missing being noob around. Because for me, dressing-up-like-a-noob and a real-noob is different :D And take note.. he`s not an Étoile okay?

    And oh, uhm...we have video and it was taken long time ago and ♣CLOVER♣ is there too! I`m thinking to continue the video this spring vacation so... watch it okay? :D

-MaiRie Étoile


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