Casino Again!

   Well yeah, I`m known as "Ms. Lucky Girl" in our family. I always get stuffs so easy which is really rare. I just won in casino awhile ago, and it`s been a while since I play XD Well, I don`t have enought time these days... I`m busy with a lot of stuffs. I hope the campgain will be extended again so that I will have a chance to earn more :)

-MiaRi Étoile


    I was helping my friend, Eunice <3 to earn more gummies and get a star at Hawaii. And it`s been a while since I went there O_O and yeah! I danced along with the Hawaiian fire dancers! It was sooo fun!!


    We also went at Edo and it takes a lot of time before my friend get a star, and I walk together with the Edo People. I was CAUGHT!! HELP!! "FAKE EDO PRINCESS" .

-MaiRie Étoile



    I`m with sis at Tagalog Park a while ago, while a guy approached us to stay for a while. And then after a minute his twin came! LOL! Me and My sisters have partners! XD Doesn`t sounds great?! :3 I like seeing twins like us :3

-MiaRi Étoile


    It`s been a while since I saw  ★αѕнℓєу★r⊕ςκψ!-I`ve posted her in my blog before, and that was long time ago. I knew her last year when she visited me while I was still in Hot01. And yeah, It`s been a while we`ve talked and she came to say good bye. She`s goin to quit pico!! OH NO! :( I`m going to miss her!! Really! Well, not really "quitting" but she`ll just stop playing for a while. but nooo!!! *panics*

    Well, I told her to add me on Face Book so that we could have a connections even thou she`s not playing. :)

-MaiRie Étoile



    I was stocked on the block while I was working for my 3rd room! Gosh! And that was the time after we took some pictures for my blog :/ But not really stocked. After I removed those blocks.. I can move again XD LOL! 

    Please support me for my 3rd room! I`m counting on that :3 

-MaiRie Étoile


    I was visiting my twin`s room 3(MaiRie`s) when I saw my mom looks like a mannequin there... I don`t know why but she looks like STANDING and not SITTING on the chair! LOL. This is the time while we were having a photos hoot for our next blog`s layout for March! :3

-MiaRi Étoile



    I really love to see our pets like this! They are so sweet!! I don`t know but.. they always go up on top of that caterpillar  and sit together :O lol!



    My sis and I spent the Ameba Pico`s 1st Anniversary with Chocolate Pico. YES, she`s the one who share free gifts and foods to us and she really help us a lot.. specially now. Ameba Pico has the 50Gummies Recycle Campaign which is just started today! 

    I`ve been talking to her on her face book fan page. Since the time the free gifts were back. and it`s amazing that she can get links per gifts like it`s so easy. XD LOL And then I requested if she can share another Alice in Wonderland gifts and yeah.. After some days.. She shared again :)

    Chocolate Pico is really nice, I swear. So instead of requesting some unknown gifts. or like feeling guilty for now getting some items, . I think its better to say "Thank You" for sharing than demanding xD hhahaha

    And there, You`ll see that we`re all alone at the Park. No one was there.. only 3 of us. We talked a lot of stuffs about pico and some others which is not-really-related. Lol

    So, We would like to thank this girl for everything!


    and right after she left... Ranzi appeared right after Choco was gone :O We took a picture too!

    We`re not triplets ok? It`s just like, he feel so bored and copied Mia xD LOL



    While spending my time at pet farm after loosing in BJ. My wins this month is  about "700,000c$" plus and I had 80k awhile ago.. but it`s all gone now :/ It`s really hard to earn c$ just to buy escargot :(. I wish that, winning jackpot is very easy T_T


Étoile Wins

    I`ve been playing in casino since when Ameba Pico`s x5 c$ at Slot Campaign is back. Today. I played with Catgirl at Black Jack ad we were actually winning! And I`m so happy cuz` sounds like a real one family. "One for all, All for one" Love it!

Check here for the Official Blog Post


Étoiles at Casino

    I was playing at Casino when I received a message from Catgirl Étoile  if we could play together and so, I followed her While playing slots :]tina 'Etoile followed me and we played slots together and our goal was to win the JACKPOT. I hope its really easy to win the jack pot  since 1 million is really hard to earn.

    My winnings are really close to jackpot and I wonder when they`ll line up. Playing Slot forever is really tiring and boring ;__; and sometimes, I can`t help it... I play Black Jack and lost my c$s T__T

    And yeah, A while ago... I got bored in Slot and Played BJ. I met a new friend, ιηυ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶. We were playing at the same table and lots everything we have at the same time and we ended playing Slot again :(

    After she got satisfied with her c$. I continued on playing slots while she went at Black Jack normal. :]tina 'Etoile followed me agian, and then we talk about lots of stuffs. I also asked her if I could take a picture of her for her pet`s picture and for my next blog`s layout inside my house.


Protect your Facebook and Pico ID!!!

    I saw the latest notice of Ameba Pico on their Official blog just now, it was about the FAKE Ameba Pico Admin that I reported/posted last time.

    And I feel grateful now cuz it`s already gone now. I was really worried that many Pico Users will be victimized specially the AG Users and Well known Picos. 

    So please be aware with hackers. Consider this as a warn from us because it`s really dangerous. Also, be aware with fake ameba Picos. I`ve already encountered some fake accounts and using other`s name specially the known picos. If u expirienced same trouble with me. Don`t hesitate to report it to the REAL ADMIN of Ameba Pico and it`s better to give them some proofs like screen caps.

Love Lots,
-MaiRie Étoile


Lucky Girl

    It`s me, MiaRi blogging today:3 Well, Ameba Pico have a new Premium Gacha called "Welcome to Supermarket!!"(Click to visit the Official Announcement). Well yeah, the colors are Blue, Pink and Green. 

Items List:

Special Items:

Rare Items:

     My twin, MaiRie recieved a message from our lil bro, Yasuo about the Green gacha that it`s only 10 gummies and my sis told me about it and we both played the Green Gacha and Completed the needed items to get the wall and apron.

(Inside my Convenience Store・エトワールマーケット)

    When my sister was in meeting of Bosz, I received a message from her sayin "is he green gacha is gone temporarily now?!" and that was the time I noticed that the Green Gacha Machine was gone... and I said "yes, but I`m still playing" and she was really surprised and followed me.

    I only have 26k now... I spent about 2k today just to get a lots of the items for my house :3 I`m still saving to expand my room... I don`t wanna load for now `cuz I`m still thinking for a unique  design of my house :) And yeah... my sis was really laughing when I mannered the pink and blue gacha machine XD And it`s also crazy that the Green Gacha says "I`m the Premium Gacha" and it`s only 10 gummies. AHAHAH!

Feel free to visit me ok?! Thanks :3

-MiaRi Étoile



 TODAY`S JACKPOT IS 2,000,000!!!

    OH my GOD! I wonder who won that day! And I wish I win someday! If I got this I would really but those scooters! Gosh! I`m dying to have it. Right now I have 0c$! Sad to say... I lost everything last time :( Well, Better luck next time to me T_T


Valentine`s Day with ♠»ßôŠž¬

MiaRi, ¶PЯ¶ _η_, ☼šuммέя☼, ♠»ßôŠž¬Choii|, MaiRie, 
★raNzi Étoile, and ♠»ßôŠž¬M

    We were with some ♠»ßôŠž¬clan members at Lovely Heart Room. It started with N wear something like ranzi`s and then the others changed too.

*.:。❤*Hearts Day *.:。❤*


    We spent some time inside my house and at the park just to take some pictures. I`m kindda sad cuz` other Étoiles wasn`t online tat time >A<)

    Well, I hope you enjoyed your date or outing. Right now it`s snowing outside and it`s really cold. LAWL


Makitsu Twins

    I spent my time with Denise and Devilyn Makitsu inside my house. I was very bored that time and so thankful that they visited me :D Also, this is the firstime they met 3ray and my Brother Yasuo.



    I`ll introduced the Étoile to each other who they haven`t met. ranzi Étoile is the newest family member now. He accepted my approach to him to became the Baron  and he accepted it. Yay!  ranzi Étoile is a ♠»ßôŠž¬ member too and I know him for long :)


    I was there in Tagalog Park and then I saw ranzi. At first I didin`t noticed him cuz I don`t really look on Pico Profiles...and he also changed his face. And then I copied him(like I always do XD) We look so funny. w

And then N was there too :3

    I also took a picture with Bosz JP and Bosz Nik.



Posts on Facebook

    I was browsing when I saw some pictures of mine somewhere at Ameba Pico and Chloe`s Page.

    This was my picture at the meeting of ♠»ßôŠž¬ clan last sunday while waiting for the other members.

    Me and Chito at the park(I posted this last time). And the bad news about this. Someone posted THIS picture and it says there... this is his entry =___= but NOT!



    I want you all to be careful with the messages you`ll receive about Ameba Pico.

    Well, a while ago... I received a message from AdmIn Pico and it was really crazy! It was a bad notice and many people would believe. The message was sounds really true, but I`m not a fool to believe. If it is the REAL Pico, it would send a notice directly on the game.. I think this guy is try to hack me or something and it`s really a bad ideal and will never fool me.

    I was really surprised when I received this first message and my heart beats fast. I was like "huh? What did I do??" And keep on thinking of the reasons and then I check out the page and it looks like fake. Nothing was there... everything was private. And then few seconds past... I received a message again.

    SO BAD. AdmIn Pico was asking me to visit a site. LAWL YEAH... maybe that`s a fake link...and when I open it... it might be possible that my account is already hacked. Since Ameba Pico`s security became strict, there`s no other way to hack your account unless they get your E-mail and Password.

    So please, Do NOT ever believe with this kind of messages you`ll receive from your face book. If it is about Ameba Pico. Always think that the`ll send you a message directly on your Ameba Pico Account. Be wise and don`t let your account get hacked.. Specially with AG users. Be careful :)

Love Lots,
MaiRie Étoile


    Dad was busy on his rehearsal together with his elder sister inside his house. They were making a video for their band. WAO! I`m so exited to see their performance! :3 I`m gonna post it here when they finish it already :3 YAY! And yeap. I slightly joined their rehearsal and took this pick. LAWL.


    And then after, I asked dad  if I can take a picture of this cat for the newest page of this site :) 

     Our cat looked like they were looking to each other`s face. SO cute!! >3<


Half Bloods

    It`s been a while since I saw Anne online. I introduced her to Jad, Yasuo and Romeo. This is the first time they saw my Étoile daugther ever. Lol. In this pic, we`re together with Jad`s first daughter nhi beybee( that`s what Nhi told me) inside my father`s house. I think she`s a half blood :3

    And then inside my room, together with Yasuo`s sibling(non-etoile): Miyuki, Neku and....