Protect your Facebook and Pico ID!!!

    I saw the latest notice of Ameba Pico on their Official blog just now, it was about the FAKE Ameba Pico Admin that I reported/posted last time.

    And I feel grateful now cuz it`s already gone now. I was really worried that many Pico Users will be victimized specially the AG Users and Well known Picos. 

    So please be aware with hackers. Consider this as a warn from us because it`s really dangerous. Also, be aware with fake ameba Picos. I`ve already encountered some fake accounts and using other`s name specially the known picos. If u expirienced same trouble with me. Don`t hesitate to report it to the REAL ADMIN of Ameba Pico and it`s better to give them some proofs like screen caps.

Love Lots,
-MaiRie Étoile


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I've never felt it

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