Valentine Park

     While I was spending my time at Valentine park together with my Twin, I was suddenly stocked on the bench and I don`t know how it happened... Yeah I know, I looked crazy! and somewhat like floating head there :)) You can see that my cat runaway cuz she was afraid of me/sad (lol)

    Lady Doki! followed me there after I bought the special Valentine outfit.. We were like.. Pink and Blue Super Girls(like in animes). And so, we were like... Crystal Goddess(Lady Doki) and Love Goddess(Me! MaiRie Étoile) there. LOL

    And while we were sitting on the tables there... we saw two girls and the their colors were like us... you know.. Pink and Blue... AHAHA! They were ηι¢σℓєツ and [FmP]~MeLoDy


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