St. Valentine`s Day at Ameba Pico

    Everyone celebrate this event every 2nd month of the year. and it`s one of un-awaited celebration specially with the couples/lovers. 10 days before St. Valentine`s Day, Ameba Pico has a new Event again!-> Romantic Valentine’s Day Photo Contest!!!(Check out to see the official blog post) and there will be 10 winners and the`ll recieve 500AG+Valentine Afro.
Gosh! We wanna join! It`s so exiting! but I wonder what kind of style am I going to do? hmmm....

    And also, yesterday... they released a lots of pinky-cute items! Some can buy through Gummies and some are through Tokens or AG(Ameba Gold)! Valentine items would really help me for my 3rd room! But still, I`m saving some money for it :O

A greeting from MaiRie Étoile


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