My sis and I spent the Ameba Pico`s 1st Anniversary with Chocolate Pico. YES, she`s the one who share free gifts and foods to us and she really help us a lot.. specially now. Ameba Pico has the 50Gummies Recycle Campaign which is just started today! 

    I`ve been talking to her on her face book fan page. Since the time the free gifts were back. and it`s amazing that she can get links per gifts like it`s so easy. XD LOL And then I requested if she can share another Alice in Wonderland gifts and yeah.. After some days.. She shared again :)

    Chocolate Pico is really nice, I swear. So instead of requesting some unknown gifts. or like feeling guilty for now getting some items, . I think its better to say "Thank You" for sharing than demanding xD hhahaha

    And there, You`ll see that we`re all alone at the Park. No one was there.. only 3 of us. We talked a lot of stuffs about pico and some others which is not-really-related. Lol

    So, We would like to thank this girl for everything!


    and right after she left... Ranzi appeared right after Choco was gone :O We took a picture too!

    We`re not triplets ok? It`s just like, he feel so bored and copied Mia xD LOL


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