Étoile Fans

    I saw εїзĦσᾔ℮¥Ḃ℮℮εїз`s message on my board a while ago and she said...


    Gosh, they are so many... and I really appreciate it! I`m so happy that they say it in front of me or in public. They give me courage to do my best! It`s like they are cheering me! I`m really thankful to our Fans cuz they really exist!

    So, I visited her in her house and she was online that time! I invited her to go into my room and then her friend, ☆ᴿᴬᵂᴿ◕‿◕™  followed her too. She said she`s my fan just like εїзĦσᾔ℮¥Ḃ℮℮εїзand then Marianita101 , ☆ᴿᴬᵂᴿ◕‿◕™`s friend followed her and we took a pic :3

Left to Right
    About my "fans" are existing.. I was thinking of something... Gonna think more if I`m gonna do my new idea about this. LAWL


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