[Ameba Pigg]Daily Scratch Card

   Enjoy your daily life on Ameba Piggアメーバ and get these special items and coupon引換券(token) through Daily Scratch Card! And get special items when you completed the scratch cards!

Default Card                                                                Card001

Card002                                                                   Card 003

Card004                                                                    Card 005

Card005                                                                    Card007

Card008                                                                  Music Ver

Room Ver                                                          Gardening Ver

Cleaning Ver                                                        Athletic Ver

Rainy Ver                                                                  Study Ver

Courageous Ver                                                       Animal Ver

Music Ver2                                                                Luck Ver

Training Ver                                                          Cooking Ver

Travel Ver                                                          New Year Ver

    This is the complete information of the daily scratch cards on Ameba Piggアメーバ Also, you can get some items for fishing like rod etc. I hope that this is a big help for everyone who plays Ameba Pigg, just like us!

    So, have a great Ameba Piggアメーバ Life!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


♥[H] Sunny♥ said...

May I ask how to buy gold by handphone in Ameba Pigg? TY ~

Melody Juan said...

umm.... how do you design your background like yours? plz respond to my question!

Anonymous said...

Love your page...
Scratch Card Printing

Anna said...

No idea why but on my gardening card, I got shoes where the coupon should be.

John Locke said...

wow that's great now everyone can make luck game with your method i really appreciate your idea but i wonder what kind of Ink Cartridges use to print scratch cards like mobile cards and pin code cards there must be some special printers for it.

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