New Friends!

    I just expanded my room today! Yay~

    Well, Zye and blondy visited me in my room and then some of their friends followed them. It was nice to meet and talk to them~ They are so friendly!

    After I fixed my room, we went at Reversi place and I played together with zye XD Haha! This is the first time I played with someone in Étoiles in reversi! And it was fun! 

    Look on the board, the white circles pattern is Z means Zye? Lol, Zye noticed this and he looks so glad lawl.
    Anyway, I want to wish a good luck to him on practicing reversi and become a good player! :)

    After Zye and I played, he left me and becky there in reversi place and we had a small talk. Becky is so nice and I'm really happy to meet her! She made me surprised when her body went seperated. First, head and body then second was only her feet left! Haha XD

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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