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    I missed many things out here and I was surprised when I saw the pictures and the blog of *RenjheneI*, http://etoilehack.blogspot.com/. This guy have been saying too much today. His lies are obvious and his FAKE evidences. Saying, "Étoile's Are HACKERS?" is really mean. Want me to prove that my sis did nothing wrong? I swear, *RenjheneI* is going to eat his words.

Isn't the winner is decided from the first place?


1) Isn't his blog is new? Shouldn't he made it right after Mai hack him- as what he's saying? Then why just now? PSH LATE? After A month and A week?

2.) "Étoile's Are Hackers!"is the title of his blog. What does he mean about this? 'Étoile's Hacker'? Means he's talking about my twin, MaiRie Étoile? OR 'Étoile Are Hackers' means, we are all hacker? HAH! Whut? hey guy, check out your words, paragraph and phrases. I can't understand it!

3) Check out his 1st post, Proof. Look at the time, it's obviously that he just typed it while he's doing his first amazing-fail post!

 4) "MaiRie Étoile hacked me like May 6 or 7" (cuz his birthday said was last May 5)huh? Why you are complaining JUST NOW then? And when did my sis saw you huh? I'm always with her and I never saw you. And, the hell she say that thing? "give me your e-mail address and password"? Mai doesn't talk like that, that's so childish and it's not Mai the way she is if she say that thing.!

5.)  (08:08) líввч lєє♥: he kicked me- And what is the meaning of this? Kicking people who visits your room? What's the reason? Oh, didn't u said that this girl, líввч lєє♥, told my sis that's why you're acting like that? But I think it's not REASONABLE. 'Cuz as I heard, you had kicked people, not just líввч lєє♥, but also other Picos who visited you who knows Mai.

6) "14:17)MaiRie Étoile: im te one who hack before"? Eh whut?! I just read the chat note on our fan page, Original Talk...

'(22:17) MaiRie Étoile: im te one who got hack before'

    That's what my sis said and this guy said in his blog is EDITED and has a REALLY different meaning! And it's impossible for Mai to edit things when it comes to the situations like this. I believe with the sayings "Truth is always the Key for Success" If Mai ever edited this chat, she's a looser, but no.

7) On the picture from the post, SHES MEAN TOO!

and she never ever used that word
specially when she talk with ME!

    The hell you're talking like you know her so much and say it's nasty?!! HAHA! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! Random much :P

8) From the post, Not enough proof.  
   What is this one? Fake conversation? Where is Mai around you? And where were you that time?

    And when did Mai said STFU? Haha! I never heard her say that O_O

    Well, I can prove this one is FAKE as well :)

    These past few days, Ameba Pico buddy list is error and I'm lazy to check whole of my buddy list so I rather search my sis, and LOOK!

with 0 props, 0 buddies and few stars. Obviously a new-made-account. The stars of this fake MaiRie Étoile are possibly: Change clothes, Props a Pico, Dress up your pico, play gacha, go catalog shop, go travel, take a photo, use hello action and give props. I guess some of it is the fake MaiRie Étoile's 6 stars. Maybe go visit someone's room and ring someone's room is counted too. And for your information, this is the first time I saw this poser.

9) Look closely on their name! MaiRie Étoile and MaiRie ÉtoiIe. lol! The fake MaiRie Étoile got an "I" as "L" on her name. Since in Ameba Pico, it appears an "l" you cannot really see the difference. But why don't you try the note pads? Copy pastes their names and see the difference! Do it before *RenjheneI* change the fake MaiRie Étoile's name.

10.) *RenjheneI* and MaiRie ÉtoiIe? 

    Ow,... What's the meaning of this? Same I? Same style? Haha! OBVIOUS MUCH HUH? It's impossible to be coincidence with a situation like this!


11) Hey wait, were was the photo of proof number 7 was taken? Hmm...


Check out her 
 Oh hey, Isn't HERE?!

    Lol! What now? *RenjheneI*, your proofs are not really enough and I think my proof is BETTER than yours! Hey guy, I think you should kneel and bow your head to us, not just to Mai, but also to those people who shouldn't be 'IN' in this situation. Specially to the Picos who you told your lies and made them believe in you. What you did is a very wrong thing. You LIED, made FAKE PROOFS, and trying to mess up Étoile name specially my twin, MaiRie Étoile.

    You've said:

"she is innocent/guilty of hacking and dont believe her description its fake."


"Not only does she hack, SHES REAL MEAN!"



-Not enough proof

    Should be taken back. What do you mean Beware? Mai isn't a dog or something for the picos to cauntion caution of? Lol, I guess, when our readers and your readers see this. I think they can tell who's telling the truth and lying and who is the MEAN ONE. MaiRie Étoile never did something bad to someone and very mean like this. My twin isn't pretending to be nice, she's just being her self. And about his latest post that he reported my sis? What are those 'Many Evidences'? It makes me curious. I bet they are fake too or maybe you just say that? And there is now "pretend that it didn't happen" cuz it didn't really happen for real. And maybe you, *RenjheneI* thinks that I can't figure this out? And show how TRUE the TRUTH is? Well, sorry because we are smarter than you. You should do better next time!

    Now guys, it's up to you now to decide. If you know the story, I bet you can decide that fast. To the people who doesn't know anything.. Every words on this post is linked to *RenjheneI*'s 
 http://etoilehack.blogspot.com/ specially made for us:)

said when my sis asked him why he's doing it
and if he won't stop spreading this thing

Then why you did this to her? What do you want? And What is this for?


-MiaRi Étoile


daszlehop said...

This is all LIES.
Check my blog again.

BryWIJ said...

Daszleshop...dude, your evidence arent match with any of your saying and i can spot more editing in your photos lately with photoshop or any other photo editing software. And you used a doppleganger of MaiRie to blackmail her? Well, slick job mate..you have proved yourself to be an Asshole to the whole Ameba Pico Community Congratz!
I saw your blog, and its a new one. So it means you just make this to suit your own purposes not for others. Be a gentleman, dont try to ruin someone's gaming life just because your jealous of us. I got information about you too besides what MaiRie's got that you have been an faking a lot of people in fact (from numerous sources). I will see you in Ameba Pico and you will be seized to exist in that game.

Nargacuga said...

O.O, thats a lotsa proof.
And, Just like Bry says (I think we know who's gonna win and whos gonna be left out ashamed of "himself".) Mai is the winna and the asshamed one is *RenjheneI* >:).
I hope no more jealous ppl.
Hes a -beeeeb- to the readers now.

♠Oi♠BryceLoski said...

what HAYZT mean? 0.o?

Marty ™ said...

*RenjheneI*, your proof of the washing machine is easily be faked or not , you can just buy lots of washing machine and tell that MaiRi did it.........

Nargacuga said...

Hi Marty^^, btw washing machine? o.e

Marty ™ said...

hehe sorry and i knew he lied about not knowing the photoshop, its so obvious *RenjHeneI* because you answered me quicky, a symbol of nervouse

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