Ameba Pico just closed, 12/17/2012 19:00 Japan Time. 

    October 19, 2012. Mia and I announced to few people that we're going to quit the game after we graduate in high school because we couldn't promise that we'll be active as we are now. Things are just getting harder and makes us busier now. The 'Graduation' plan was supposed to be on March 1, 2013. But then, October 29, 2012 Ameba Pico staff announced on their blog that the game is going to close today, December 17, 2012. It wasn't a surpri se at all... we were actually happy to hear the news but at the same time, we're sad.

    Happy because, first of all, it's not only us who will leave the game, I mean, there is no one that we will be leaving in the game. Happy because, I've been noticing that the game has lots of bad influences already. Based on my experience, there's lot of underage gamer who were bashing us. Surprisingly, most of them are the ones whom we don't know, whom we haven't met. Simply not a friend at all. I'm feeling like, the gamers doesn't have respect to each other and all they do is burst out of their bad opinions while they are lack of knowledge. So I'm happy that it'll close and it might turn out those people to be in the good side.

    At the same time, we are sad because the game is closing were we met lots of people, where we make friends. A game where we had good and bad memories though, there were all the best. A game where we were able to inspire people and share our knowledge, skill and talents. It is a place where we were appreciated, loved where we to reach each of our supporters.

    It is a place where I met each Étoile became who have a big part of 2nd world. We were judged, bashed, insulted, thrown, hated and other negative experiences but it was part of the best moment we had. Why? It is because our bond were tested and we always make it till the last as one. We met people together and make friends till the end.

    Each memories we had are mostly written into this diary, and till forever everything will remain here and remembered someday.

     If ever Ameba Pico will comeback someday. We believe that the reason to close the game this year is to improve everything in the game. Though, if ever that happens, I probably won't comeback and just stay on Ameba Pigg. So see you in the next generation of our adventure diary at http://etoile-pigg.blogspot.jp/ for further updates.

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MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal



    So I was just spending my time browsing on youtube and saw this video from AzielaFionna. Thank you very much for this wonderful slide show of our 2nd Anniversary Celebration!

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MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
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Last 5 Days

Join us till the last minute!
Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/109328705895324/

Time Schedule:
Australia(Sydney) - 21:30//9:30PM-00:30//12:00AM
Canada(Ottawa) - 07:30//7:30AM-10:30//10:30AM
China(Beijing) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Egypt(Cairo) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
France(Paris) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Germany(Berlin) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Hong Kong(Hong Kong) - 19:30//7:30PM
Indonesia(Jakarta) - 18:30//6:30PM-21:30//9:30PM
Japan(Osaka) - 20:30//8:30PM-23:30//11:30
Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur)- 19:30 //7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Netherlands(Amsterdam) - 13:30//1:30PM-16:30//4:30PM
Philippines(Manila) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Singapore(Singapore) - 19:30 //7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
Taiwan(Taipei) - 19:30//7:30PM-22:30//10:30PM
U.S.A(New York) - 07:30//7:30AM-22:30//10:30AM
Vietnam(Ho Chi Minh) - 18:30//6:30PM-21:30//9:30PM

12/13/12: DR. MaiRie
    What is DR. MaiRie? This was a event when everyone asks me anything they want to know, about me, etoile or any other things. It is called as 'DR. MaiRie' because it's like you're consulting to a doctor. It was already a year since I'm doing the event to know people more and it helps me a lot to remember each pico users who support me, us. So I'm inviting everyone to join as I want to make new frie
nds before the Pico ends.

The GAME Rules:
-each picos will line up fairly and no skipping
-you can ask MaiRie 3 question per pico
-you can line up again
Venue: MaiRie's Alice in Wonderland, Room 4
12/14/12: MaiXMia LIVE! The Last Performance

    Join us with our last performance in the game!We will be singing Just a Dream, You Belong With Me, Born This Way, Skyscraper, When I Look at You Medley, Call Me Maybe and other songs requested from the Audience.

There will be 6 batch for the performance
-Just a Dream + Request Song

-You Belong With Me + Request Song
-Skyscraper + Request Song
-When I Look at You + Request Song
-Call Me Maybe + Request Song

     After 2 songs of each batch, there will be a group picture taking and after, we will ask everyone to leave to be able to the other people to get in to have their chance to join us.

Venue: MaiRie's Alice in Wonderland, Room 4

12/15/12: Pico Rock Band Farewell Concert for Ameba Pico

To be update

12/16/12: É's Royal Grand Graduation

    Join us Étoiles to graduate in the game! We will be announcing the chosen best performance for the Étoile Red Carpet so we're hoping for everyone's support!
 ☆彡Étoile Sisters★彡
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal


Étoile Royal Grand Red Carpet

    Hello everyone! Thank you very much for supporting our Alice in Wonderland for our 2nd and last Anniversary in Ameba Pico World! For a week, our Anniversary Video hit more than 2,400 views! And we received lots of feed back and support from our supporters. Through it, we would like to know everyone's favorite so we're helding our first and last RED Carpet in Ameba Pico.

Title Categories:

    Let us know your favorites by answering the poll in one week starting today! The people's choice will be announce on the Étoile Graduation Week, so you better not to miss it! Also, Don't forget to share this event to your friends. The more votes the more challenging! We are targeting to get at least 100 votes per category, so please help us!

 ☆彡Étoile Sisters★彡
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal