Ameba Pico just closed, 12/17/2012 19:00 Japan Time. 

    October 19, 2012. Mia and I announced to few people that we're going to quit the game after we graduate in high school because we couldn't promise that we'll be active as we are now. Things are just getting harder and makes us busier now. The 'Graduation' plan was supposed to be on March 1, 2013. But then, October 29, 2012 Ameba Pico staff announced on their blog that the game is going to close today, December 17, 2012. It wasn't a surpri se at all... we were actually happy to hear the news but at the same time, we're sad.

    Happy because, first of all, it's not only us who will leave the game, I mean, there is no one that we will be leaving in the game. Happy because, I've been noticing that the game has lots of bad influences already. Based on my experience, there's lot of underage gamer who were bashing us. Surprisingly, most of them are the ones whom we don't know, whom we haven't met. Simply not a friend at all. I'm feeling like, the gamers doesn't have respect to each other and all they do is burst out of their bad opinions while they are lack of knowledge. So I'm happy that it'll close and it might turn out those people to be in the good side.

    At the same time, we are sad because the game is closing were we met lots of people, where we make friends. A game where we had good and bad memories though, there were all the best. A game where we were able to inspire people and share our knowledge, skill and talents. It is a place where we were appreciated, loved where we to reach each of our supporters.

    It is a place where I met each Étoile became who have a big part of 2nd world. We were judged, bashed, insulted, thrown, hated and other negative experiences but it was part of the best moment we had. Why? It is because our bond were tested and we always make it till the last as one. We met people together and make friends till the end.

    Each memories we had are mostly written into this diary, and till forever everything will remain here and remembered someday.

     If ever Ameba Pico will comeback someday. We believe that the reason to close the game this year is to improve everything in the game. Though, if ever that happens, I probably won't comeback and just stay on Ameba Pigg. So see you in the next generation of our adventure diary at http://etoile-pigg.blogspot.jp/ for further updates.

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Étoile Royal


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