Happy Oliver September Winners


   Happy Oliver Article has been updated! Every winners and Happy Oliver style is written on it. Feel free to check out!

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


Étoile Evolution

    These past few days, I've been noticing Étoiles with dame lips. Well, not just that! But also their eyes are the same but they have different color. Well, I don't really know why it happened.

     Okay, so, Let's reminisce our past.

First ever Étoile family picture : Only 2 kinds of eyes and lips.

White and YaSuo's Birthday : Yasuo changed his lips + eyes.

Happy Clover (Neko) and Matt's Welcome Party :

At Lady DQ's Place :

In Crystal Étoile's house : Ranzi turned to Black. Miyuki+Yasuo same hair color plus fish lips as well as Rose and Yumi.

Casino Fashion : Crystal + Bry + Maron got fish lips!!

Royals and Novels :With Sexquisite, Mackenzie got fish lips! And Jad Changed look.

And recently....

At Bry's Room :


    OMG? What is this? Hahaha, Just now, I thought Étoile evolution is funny! So, I wonder how Mia and I look like when we got same eyes and lips?


    LOL! No way! And NEVER! We will just stick to our real faces and also.Either the Étoiles doesn't like this look for us XDD

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


Can't Reply

    Hello again to our dear fellows! We're very thankful on having people who are leaving message me on my board and sending messages on my inbox and everyone makes me happy. Mostly are greetings and cheering up, others are curious and asking questions. Actually, We always try to reply but I can't. The problem is that "This person isn't allowed on receiving messages"


Please allow your "receiving messages" on your settings. We will really appreciate that so much! Please give me a chance to message you and answer you from your questions and thank you for sending, supporting me (。>3>。

Thank You!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile



    Everyone knows that there's Happy Oliver event for two days this week. at night club and I remember that time when I won about a year ago. I reminisced those times with Bry.  HAPPY OLIVER at NIGHT CLUB when I never expected that ill be in HAPPY OLIVER WINNERS

    That was actually flattering words. It actually cheered me up. I never expected that someone's appreciating me around and someone will tell me such a thing in my virtual life XD

    Well, he said, that time, he was about to quit pico until he met me and then we make a group and that's the start of everything. Well, I didn't know that he was about to quit because he never tell me, I didn't because he never gave me a hint.

    It's really happy to think to have a friend in virtual world and you know them for a year. Because it's like, even you're just in a virtual game, the friendship will still go on and on. On friendship, not just knowing each other is important, but also understanding. W/o understanding, you're friendship won't stay long. If that happen, means you don't have the loyalty.

    Thanks Bry.

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile



    This is the first ever party for VIPico members ever we held! Well, some wasn't able to come, due to their schedule and mostly because of time difference. Well that's sad :( Party started around 7:00pm/ 19:00 (Japan time)

    Well, it wasn't hard to gather them all, though, I didn't made any room events just to call them since I didn't want to have  trouble with the people who's on waiting. Of course, while we are doing the party, we decided to shoot our 3rd video, Born This Way in my room 3. And VIPs are so sweet! So easy to direct and it was actually fun while we are on recording XD.

    Then after the shooting,we went back to room 4 and continue the party!

Let me introduce tonight's Mr. And Ms. VIP Night!

VIP-CXXI, Choc0latee 
VIP-CXLVII, → kαilєy™

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile



    It's been a while since Neko Étoile went online! And I really missed him so much. I told him so many things about our family and VIPs that he didn't knew. I called some VIP and Étoile members to meet him for a chance and it was fun while we are in my room 4!

    We wore noob stuffs and guess what! He is the only guy there on the line. The one who's wearing an orange wig XD Well, I think it's obvious. hahaha! And I'm so glad that he enjoyed on talking to these people who came into my room and it was fun watching them.

    After he offline, a fake Étoile guy went inside my room and...

    He's actually one of the coolest guy ever I met! Out of Étoile posers, he is the only one who said this to me, to my friends, to all of us and he's so proud! I like him because he's not like other Étoile posers who are pretending, doing bad things and talking to me like I've got an amnesia, saying like "have you forgotten?" or something like "didn't you know????". Those picos really pissed me off but this one didn't. I actually laugh and I found him nice. I'm proud of him!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile



    Hello everyone! Did we made you interested with our upcoming video? Well, as what we said last time, we are announcing it now for also celebrating 300 Blog Followers! Thank You Everyone!!!♥

    I know that everyone knows Lady Gaga and we decided to make this as our song since October is Mia&Mai's birthday month! We are born this month (in real) and we thought that it should be "Born this way".

    Video will be release on October 20,2011 before the formal day of our birthdays! Since our birth dates have different dates, we decided to make it 20,before our birthday since it is Pico Rock Band's Ayame Étoile's birth day! YES! Triple birthday for October!! <3

     The cast will be some Étoiles and mostly VIPico. Though, we are still thinking of some parts on how we are going to shoot it the scenes. For now, we still don't have scenes with others but currently, the video is already in 1 minute and 28 seconds. and still imagining for the other scenes We are already planning for our next shooting but we are still waiting for someone so, we will just announce when we are going to shoot with VIPicos.

    So we hope that you'll going to support us for our Birthday Special Video! And now, here's the trailer.

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


Bry's Room

    Étoiles gathered again inside Bry's room. Lol, it's been a while since we did this and I really love it! I love them! And so think of it, most of Étoile members are already with me for almost a year! Well, our family anniversary is actually near and we talked about something important. Means, our unplanned gathering today turned out as a meeting. When we are done taking photos, I thought that 'I hope I onlined the other two Étoile account that I know so that we are more, the more present Étoiles on pic will be the greater pic! <3

    Then after the talk, I asked Bry to open his room and I called people to follow me(I even opened my 2nd account) and many people came!!! So happy to think that I'm spending my time with everyone that time! I was actually supposed to be busy but then, I can't just leave them because its fun </3

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile



    After getting busy since July (when I went in Philippines) I didn't actually have my time to spend with Étoiles. Too busy (but they understand it) when I came back to Japan because I have to attend my club for our performance for our Cultural Festival in our school and in other places. Then after that, I'm already busy on editing our upcoming videos and, I missed my family!

    We spend our time together in Japanese Park 1, where we gathered and one of VIP member, ησтσяισυѕ joined us on picture taking and a girl when we went to Bry's room 2. It was so fun and I did felt that I missed them so much and I'm promising that I'll spend my time with them just after our video is finished.

    Oh by the way, VIPico will be having the first-ever party on Sunday! But we still haven't put some guidelines regarding the event. But we are reminding everyone that it'll be strict. Just stay tune for our upcoming blog post for more information. Thank You!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile



    Hello guys! We are already preparing our new video and actually, we have already started on taking the scenes and the announcement of the song, and date of release plus trailer will be on September 22. 

    So for this video, we are closing VIPico for a while for this upcoming video to lessen our work because this will obviously make us busy specially right now, in real, -ber month is already here and -ber month is the most busiest month (as we observe) for the most of us because of examination, etc.. The current VIPico applicants before this post will be automatically accepted and the present VIP now will get a chance to be in our new video! So once you apply before this post, sorry to say but, you'll automatically be rejected.

    We are asking for your understanding and support for our upcoming video! Thank You!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile



You belong with me

    Finally! I finished our supposed-to-be-1st-video within 8 hours after experiencing video editor errors and more like on the videos are not appearing :( We shoot the scenes last January to February 2011 and I misplaced the files for this project then after months, we made the JAD (Just a Dream) video. While making this video, I was trying to enhance my editing skills so I hope you appreciate them!


MiaRi Étoile as Taylor Swift I
YaSuo Étoile as Taylor's Crush
Doki Étoile as Taylor Swift II
Jean Étoile as Taylor II ' s new guy
MaiRie Étoile
Mackenzie Étoile
Crystal Étoile
Romeo Étoile
iDomo Étoile
°ੴ° ayumi

Video Draft

[HQ] You belong with me

Enjoy Watching!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


DR. MaiRie

    Dr. MaiRie? Who knows her? Well, I missed being her! I don't know how long I'm not being \ Dr. MaiRie. I missed it when people asking me anything and its so fun. Being her gives me time to everyone to talk one by one and it helped me to remember the people around me </3

    And today, I saw a video in youtube.com taken and uploaded by someone. I remembered the time when she asked me if she can take a video and after that, I don't know what happen. Right now, I'm assuming that she's the uploader of this video. Please Watch! Enjoy!

    To the owner of this video, if you saw this post, please tell me your current pico name. I would love to give you credits!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile

Back to School! Study Items are BACK!!

    OH MY GOD! It's back to school in America! Isn't? Well finally, these items are finally back! Well, last year, I wasn't able to complete the stuffs and now, I'm really hoping I could have them this time but it's so sad because my decor is already 500/500! I don't know what to delete anymore1 :( I want to get the desk this time!

This week's special items!
 *Wanna Look Genius Glasses
*Get Your Summer Homework Started Notebook
*Gives You 100% Concentration Pencil

 -Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


[Casino] Celebrity’s Marine Gacha has Released!!

*OPENING SALE is only for a week until 9/22 GMT.

    Check out the latest Casino Gacha that has been released minutes ago! Well, who loves these beach items that you could design in your room? Aren't these items better than the summer pool gacha items? Well for me, it does!

Get the items + Completed item



。・*★ Celebrity’s
。・*★Marine Cruiser

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


[Pico Terrific] Summer Memories

    Hello everyone! Have you already heard Jean Royal Étoile's event in his blog, Pico Terrific? Well then, if not, I'm inviting everyone to join their contest!

[ Summer Memories 2011]

    Since the summer will end soon, take a photo your best memory in summer 2011! The Grand winner will be receiving 500 AG!!!

    Isn't interesting?! Well, it's open for everyone! Click here to check out the whole information on how to join their event, good luck!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile
Jean Royal Étoile



    I was supposed to get busy today, but then, my lovely friends visited me and I'm feeling that I missed them so much after I deleted my exceeded buddies. I'm feeling that it's been a long time since I spend my time with my friends. I've been really busy these past few day in real and I'm loosing my time to do what I usually do in pico, blog, chat, make friends and spend time with them.

Photo taken by BryWIJ Étoile

    It was really fun being black! I remembered the time when iTribe is still active! We take pictures like we are in stone age, but not dark skin.... only the dress and it was really fun! I missed them! ♥ Aren't we cute? I think black is not bad at all! It's actually unique, since most of the colors of picos r white, black r rare. Well ,I love this picture so much! This is one of my most memorable memory in my Pico Life!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile



    Hello everyone! I would like to apologize to all of my buddies who I deleted for good. I don't really want to delete the other 250+ picos because I'm loving to have them as my buddies, it was more fun to spend time with you all :( Ameba Pico admins have been banning their users, premium or not. Weeks ago, I sent a message regarding the 100+ buddies to support@ameba.net and received their reply last August 21, 2011

"Dear customer,

Thank you for contacting Ameba Pico Virtual World Support.

Concerning Buddy list, the maximum of buddy list is 100.

Please make sure that if you have already reached 100 buddies, you cannot add new friends.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Thank you for playing Ameba Pico.

Best Regards,

    Receiving this message made me think that having more than 100 buddies is part of cheat, even though you are not using any software to let picos add you, just a simple buddy accept link. and I'm afraid when the time came that Ameba Pico admins started on banning the users with 100 buddies O_O So before it happens, I thought that... I think I should do something. And that'S the only thing that I can do. But then,  I decided to give links of to add my 2nd account to get my buddies back. Through my 2nd account, what ever happens, I'll be fine.

    So I apologize to everyone who I deleted and I'm asking for your understanding. Thank You!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


For VIPs

Hello everyone!

     To all Ameba Pico Users who are applying to be a member of our group, VIP. Please be patient for now. I'm having a hard time to fix my schedule regarding with my busy life in real. So I'm asking for your understanding for now, Thank You!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


Best Blog

    There are so many blogger around us these past few days. Most of them are asking why do we have a good blog? What's our secret? Why does people like it? Now, through this post, we will tell you how we do it and everything is simple.
  • On doing your blog, everything should be original and realistic for this virtual game.
  • Use some interesting pictures that your readers could get their attention.
  • When copying a post form a blog, you should give a credit or say on your post that "you do not own the article" and link the original post/blog to give respect to the owner.
    See? Aren't they simple?? Those are the only things we do from the start. I hope it will help you guys! Good luck :)

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


Magical Colored Yarn!

    Hello everyone! Have you already heard about the invite campaign (for facebook users) in Ameba Pico?

     Send us your invites and let us help you to get the items faster!


-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile 


Room Cheaters Banned

"Dear Pico Users,

We are getting reports that some people are using Cheat Tools to expand/add their rooms. This is strictly against our policy, and those people who attempt to cheat will be banned from the service.

For this reason, we are temporary stopping the expand/add function.

Thank you for understanding.
-Pico Staff

    There have been banned pico users again for using cheat tools for adding rooms and most of the picos who used this cheat have 5+ rooms. As we have heard, the maximum room number is 10. Last time, in our previous post last August 21,2011: Free Rooms  we have warned everyone, every readers about this cheat that it's possible for you to get banned. So we are hoping that no one of our readers/friends who experienced this tragic happening..

Take care everyone!
Think before you act

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile 


Alphabet Blocks!

Create word you want and design it in your room!!

    You can now create letters easily than buying many blocks! I'm sure this will be helpful for every one! But for the non-ag users, they should use token to buy each. But for Ag users, 15 AG is nothing for them (I think XD) Well then, enjoy this latest blocks! I'm sure the colored version will come soon :3

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


Étoile Sea

     Hello everyone! Just sharing my room1 right now, yeah Étoile Sea... it's not that good and creative but I'm joining the contest and I know that I don't have a chance to win but please support me! Thank you!

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


[Casino] Anniversary Items!

    Happy Anniversary for Ameba Pico's Casino Area! And for the Casino players who have been playing from the start till now! Let's keep on supporting this area! So don't miss the 5 latest items that is limited!


LIMITED NUMBER OF ONLY 1,000 ITEMS EACHwill be sold in my shop!!
After 1,000 dresses/suits are sold, they will not return to the store!!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


     Check out the latest Monthly Flower item in Ameba Pico!

     Isn't our mom and dad cute?! They are so pink this month! And I bet that most pink lovers will love these newest item!

And don't miss the pinkish park of eustoma flower! Don't miss the big flower design there!!

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile