Free Rooms

    There's a hottest news today that we are going to tell to our dear readers! Have you ever heard about FREE rooms? YES! You are not wrong of what you are reading now. One of my friends know how to do it wand I was surprised that there are already numbers of people, hmmm...let's say more than 10 people who got their rooms for free. Some got Room 5, and some Room 6. When you entered your room 5 or more, it feels like you got a secret room in your place ;)

    Yah, I know... it sounds so good... so good to imagine that you got a special hidden rooms in your place but, is it safe? Well, I will answer it for you and I think most of you knows the answer. It is actually illegal.Remember that when you bought a room, you can't delete the room anymore and you'll have it forever. So,if ever you tried this.... I'm telling you that it is NOT safe. I know that everyone knows that and I'm just reminding you the possibility when you over do something.. So you know what will happen when you get caught.

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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