Étoile Room Contest!

    Take a photo of you or with your friends having fun inside of an Étoile room. The 4 best photo will be picked by MaiRie Étoile (me) and my twin, MiaRi Étoile and will win an Ameba Gold worth 580 purchased through ZONG.
 (More easy to give the Ameba Gold specially to the Pinoy Users)

Guide Lines
  • Take a Photo of you or with your friends inside of an Étoile room.
  • 4 best photos will be chosen.
  • The 4 lucky winners will be receiving  their prize of Ameba Gold worth 580
  • Submit the entries from August 4-18.
  • The winners will be announced on 19(Friday).
  • Photos will be chosen by MaiRie Étoile and MiaRi Étoile. and will b judge by our special guest, HՁO!
  • Like our Fanpage <http://www.facebook.com/Etoile.Sisters> and submit your photo.
Non Facebook Users
  • If you have a blog make a post o your blog posting your entry and comment it to this article.
Featured Étoile Room
Rooms where you can take your pictures.

MiaRi Étoile : VIP Music Room

Neko-Reborn-É (Neko Étoile) : Modeling Room and Gold Room

ßryWIJ É : Étoile Space Command   

Sєxqυιѕιтє (Sexquisite Étoile) Sky Park Dating Lounge

★★Crystal★★ É (Crystal Étoile) : Crystalic Dating Lounge

 ★яαηzι Étoile (Ranzi Étoile) : Ranzi's Place

ϟYaSuoϟ É. (YaSuo Étoile) : Bar

 White! É (White! Étoile) : Pico Rock Band Concert Room

Selly Étoile : Unknown PlaceNEW

Rose Étoile (★RoseÉtoile★) : Rose' PlaceNEW

Ayame Étoile : Ayame's RoomNEW


    -Étoile Sisters
    MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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