World Chef on Pico!

     Ameba Pico has a new park! Most of us have been familiar with Ameba Word Chef or the restaurant version of Ameba Pico where you can learn how to cook different foods from different countries, build your won restaurant and earn money!

    "You can be your own chef in World Chef and use your Pico to make  food from around the world.
With decoration style that range from Patio BBQ furniture to Sushi bars,
you can design and customize your cafe to your liking with styles from around the world!

To celebrate World Chef, we are opening a new park in Ameba Pico, the World Chef Park!

Come try out the special clothes and items we have created!

 -Captain Thomas 

 Also, don't miss the world chef items that you can buy through gummies!

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


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