Zye and Vanessa 
(Sєxqυιѕιтє É  & ×❥•bŁonĐy™❤×É)

    I was playing Black Jack together with Cat Étoile when Zye whisper  me that he'll be setting his wedding with Vanessa immediately in my room 2. So after I finished the game, Maron Étoile, Cat Étoile and Me rushed and went there and people were already sitting. They gave a a time ti fix the room but I think it's not that good DX So yea~ Jean Royal Étoile is the one who lead the ceremony.

    After the wedding, Zye and Blondy adopted their child and we decided to make them Half Étoiles. We weill be announcing the family of Zye soon when everything is fixed already :)

-MaiRie Étoile


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