Last Night

     We've been waiting for this night! The last night of Ameba Pico Prom 2011. Yes, it'll end soon and we don't want to miss this special event! So yeah, we went there with our prom date and it was really exiting! And I wish this night will never end because I'm gonna miss this special event! ><

     And it was really exiting, entering the prom hall and seeing our friends there sitting on the tables. I'm really happy because we are complete, my mom, dad, twin and lil bro and sis with our prom dates. And of course! Other Étoiles were there too! We're actually complete but, Selly, Tina and Crystal weren't able to attend :( I tried to contact with them these past few days but no reply >0<///

    And the most exiting part was our last dance! We danced there with our partners and the song was played by Étoile band leading by White Étoile's elder sister, Ayame Étoile with her drummer, Yamamoto85 and DJ Subby, the pianist! Their songs were really  good!

   Sexquisite Étoile's family was there too! Well, only his wife, Blondy Étoile and their son, Toast Étoile were the only ones who were able to attend. Vegemite Étoile and Rawr Étoile, their daughthers weren't there. But I'm so happy to see some Mia's friend was there too! ♠Oi♠BryceLoski, Cookieee.  and MaRie's friend, MarDollixious♡, ƒøяτυиε¢øøќιε. and Nargacuga Nyo~, Jean Royal É assistant. And most were our old friends were there as well! ♫R&D Rina♫ , ^Rina Cutie^, ♫ Rina_Joan ♫ and Venus Baby. And alsoour special friends, Victoriaaa. ♥, ♥♫♥HønnÊý ♥♫♥.

    Matt, an Étoile before was their too together with Lady Doki! And! My daughter! Anna Étoile together with Nik Étoile. Well, they both rarely online but the won't going to miss the special event!

    Our last dance was the most memorable part of our Special Night. I swear I'm gonna miss this prom! Ad I can't wait for next years! I hope to see our friends there too ^0^


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