Special Night

     I remember the Ameba Pico Prom 2010. Yeah, it was last year. I always went there alone. No Prom date.

    I as busy playing reversi that time and I never had a time to dance there. And this picture is the only picture I had there, my only memory in Ameba Pico Prom 2010. Also, I didn't had a chance to see Happy Oliver that time. :(


    I went together with my twinnie, Miari and I'm happy because she's always with me. We always stay there in Prom Hall and dance together with everyone. AND! We also saw Happy Oliver around and danced together with him last May, 1 2010 at Path to Prom1.


I got a prom date!

    Neko-Reborn-É to go to the prom and we danced there in the middle. It was really fun! I hope I went there together with my sis and her date~ Yeah! Double date.. but she had in on different day so yeah.. she wasn't around! And I think it's better if it is double date. Haha!

    I think, my prom this is is better than last year! Full of fun~ But soon Prom is going to end! I'm going to miss it so much! And I'm gonna wait for a year again and dance with every one....

-MaiRie Étoile


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