Have you ever heard with this Pico user? Well, maybe you do! She was on my previous post about Happy Oliver.

    ~rinkagamine~ was a Winner of Happy Oliver Campaign around June 2010. And  today, I recieved a message from her with her new name!

    I was really happy and she made me surprised because I never expected that I'm going to receive a message from one of the previous Happy Oliver Winner. And I really wanted to meet her!

    I remembered, last time, when I was in shopping with Neko Étoile and BryWIJ Étoile at pet farm... Somebody suddenly went near us and...

    Yah, that surprises me. And from that time, we're always seeing each other and mostly she visits me in my room. I never knew that she was ~rinkagamine~ and the girl at the farm XD Well, she always change her name and it's one of the reason why I can't identify her that fast unless she tell me some clues XD

    Well, this girl is really nice. I hope I get a chance to know her more ^0^

-MaiRie Étoile


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