Pico Rock Band!!

     Like Bands? Music? Rock? Well, let me introduce to you the awesome Rock band!  

    Pico Rock Band is formed by most of Étoile Royals. Ayame Étoile as the Guitarist, White! Étoile as the Vocalist, and Yamamoto85 as the Drummer. Ayame Étoile and White! Étoile are actually siblings not just in Étoile but also in real life :D


Ayame Étoile (Guitarist)
Yamamoto85 (Drummer)
White Étoile / [RB]♚White! É (Vocalist)
Yellow Étoile (The Crush)

    There was a popular rock band in Pico world but their true identity is hidden. There was a time, White and his band was at the cafe to promote their band when he saw his crush, Yellow. That time, White confessed to Yellow but he got rejected. He always try his best just to get her heart but he can't.

    They kept on inviting people and advertising their band until they became popular and Yellow started to notice White. Until Ayame invited her to attend their Live Concert.

    Watch the video and see what will happen with White and Yellow in the end!

-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile É MiaRi Étoile


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