On the day of my 1st year on Ameba Pico, April 29, 2011, Jean Royal a.k.a Jean and Sєxqυιѕιтє a.k.a Zye from Singapore had joined Étoile Family! Both of them approached me on the same but different time. I've been strict-ed on choosing the Étoile Family members. And both of them passed and got the "guts" on being an Étoile and I decided to stop accepting new members because Étoile Family is getting really big and I'm afraid that it go out of control, which is I know that it will never happen.

    A while ago, a girl visited me in my room and of course she's one of the picos who wanted to be one of my family. To tell you the truth, I love to have new family members in Étoiles but I don't like it to get over populated that's the reason why I don't accept and choose who's and who's. From the very first place, I didn't plan to make Étoile Family as a big one... I just wanted to have enough members and we're all together. That's why I want people to understand why I reject. But then, this girl, Selly got different story. Rose(Jessica) Étoile was the one who told me the truth about her and I got nothing to do but to accept her.

    So after everything happened inside my room we had a meeting inside Jean Royal Étoile's room. We decided to close Étoile Family OFFICIALLY and will never have new members again. The 29 Étoiles will be the official and will not have new family members. I let them decide too since, we are family-not a clan- where only a Leader could decide. They're one of Étoiles and they have the name. We don't have leader but only a starter which is Mia and I. So as a Family, we have to think and decided it together. But the time might come that we're going to open our family again. :)

    Étoile Royal Family (ERF) is officially close. We are 29 Official Étoiles as of May 2, 2011.


White! Étoile a.k.a ♚King W!
Yellow! Étoile a.k.a Yellow!
MaiRie Étoile a.k.a MaiRie Étoile
MiaRi Étoile a.k.a MiaRi Étoile
MaRie Étoile a.k.a MaRie Étoile
YaSuo Étoile a.k.a Yasuo Étoile
Anna Étoile a.k.a Anna Étoile
Ayame Étoile a.k.a Ayame Étoile
Doki! Étoile a.k.a Lady Doki!

BryWIJ Étoile a.k.a BryWIJ Étoile
Nicky Étoile a.k.a ★Ni¢ky★Étoile★
Neko Étoile a.k.a Neko-Reborn-É
Matt Étoile ak.a Μ₳ΤΤ Étoile
Jad Étoile a.k.a É.♥Jαd✞ƒυятнєя
Tina Étoile a.k.a :]tina 'Etoile
Romeo Étoile a.k.a ❈MR❈ Romeo É.
Catgirl Étoile a.k.a Cat Étoile
Chuu Étoile a.k.a Chu Étoile?
Ranzi Étoile a.k.a ★ яαηzι Étoile
Rose Étoile a.k.a Rose Étoile
Maron Étoile a.k.a Maron Étoile
Yumi Étoile a.k.a ♥♥YυмiÉtoile♥♥
iDomo Étoile a.k.a iDomo Étoile
Miyuki Étoile a.k.a Miyuki Étoile
Nik Étoile a.k.a
Crystal Étoile a.k.a ♥Crystal♥ ~ κξ
Sexquisite Étoile a.k.a Sєxqυιѕιтє É
Jean Royal Étoile a.k.a Jean Royal É
Selly Étoile a.k.a ♆Selly Étoile♆

updated names as of May 2011

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MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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