We MISSED YOU Chu Étoile!

    Past few weeks ago, there was a tornado in Chu Étoile's place and that was the reason why she wasn't around. And now, she's back and really fine! I'm really glad that there's nothing bad happened to her and also, most of the Étoiles are asking me about her and I keep on saying I know nothing-which is true- because she doesn't have internet connection in her place and it was Cat Étoile, her sis -in pico- was the one who told me about her. And just now, we visited her in her house as she went online but sad, she was busy... reading this blog XD

    I'm really glad that's shes back as well as Nik Étoile after a month, with out telling me that he decided quitting on playing this game! :)

-MaiRie Étoile


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