Fight Againts Acta

    After SOPA and PIPA are queue for the mean time... we have another big problem which is worst that the past bills.
Anti- Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Anti (against) Counterfeit ( sth made exactly from the original in order to trick people thinking it's the real thing. SYN: fake) Trade (exchange) Agreement (concord)

    ACTA is formed by 39 countries including the 27 European Union, the United States, Japan, etc.) which could really affect our daily lives specially to those people who lives in the country that agreed with the ACTA law. Everything around us will be affected the internet censorship, freedom of speech, your online activities will be watch and probably you will lose your internet when they prove that you did an illegal action againts ACTA.

    Just like the problem in SOPA and PIPA, even using a pop-music from an American Property you're already violating ACTA. It would impose new criminal sanctions. It could help to protect the copyright specially of the expensive goods to prevent fake copies. Musicians and other media related stuff's HD copies will be remove. 

    Are you curious of what are the things they consider that could make you in prison? Okay, here are some of the examples:
  • Using a Pop song on your own filmed video
  • Sharing your own knowledge (self discovered) to A and A will share it to B. Since A and B doesn't own the original knowledge, they can get in prison.
  • Freedom of Speech will be affected.
  • Share a media file to your friend through messenger with copyright.
What ACTA can affect us?
  • Our freedom of speech will be restricted.
  • Our daily lives being guarded by every move
  • Music industry
  • Movie industry
  • Journalism industry


    I'm so upset because Japan agreed with this agreement! Did you notice it? Mostly who joined the agreement are WEALTHY countries that brings strong effects to other countries even it is not about for ACTA. Imagine that if our freedom of speech will be restricted, then WHAT THE HELL IS HUMAN RIGHTS FOR?? These wealthy countries are really controlling the word and I don't know why, why their governments do these things even though they know that 99% of the people lives in this world will be against their laws and bills.

    If they restricted our freedom of speech, means, they could approve  laws on their own way and on how fast they want. Means it's really for controlling their people though, they know their people are against with their plans.

    I can't Imagine if they copyrighted everything we learn. How about those stuffs we learn in school? And being shared? Means, those stuffs will be checked and censored for government's own privacy? THEY WHY WE HAVE SCHOOL? What is the reason for us to go to school if we will learn low quality of information?

    When the time came that they kept on copyrighting, blocking every copyrighted on the internet until nothing left, then what's the purpose of this internet?

     I can't imagine loosing my online friends from other countries! How can I communicate with them if there is no internet? We will be like old modern style, sending letters and pay for stamps?

    What about the under 18 internet users who share files to their friends? They will be in prison too? Oh wait, let me remind you... the legal age of getting in prison is actually 18 in other countries but still... nothing is impossible! Laws can do everything... aren't they powerful?

    I can't imagine this anymore! Even though out of 240+ countries, 3 of them agreed, all of the countries, people in the world will be affected! Can't they just think of other way aside from killing us? I think they are too much! Better we also support Anti-ACT!

☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


Michelle said...

I heard about this a few weeks ago, and I'm like WHAT THE F***! I also thought about the schools, what's the point in having school if this bill goes through? What will we tell the future generation of children? Hey kids, you wanna learn what shut-down the internet? The thing that is loved so much? What shut-down years, and years of work and progress? And whoever still has the internet is being watched by the government, for goodness sake, they're prisoners even though they're not in prison! And to make matters worse, you wouldn't even be able to DO anything on it.

Maki Śhieru said...

I think in the end, they will have a regret why they agreed that 'ACTA' thingyy. Just pray.. Nothing's possible. :)

OreoMilo said...

uhm did philippines also agree in the ACTA?

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