Many of my friends came into my room and supported me on spreading the news regarding the new acts in United States of America to support the petitions of the popular websites in the internet.. My friends and I together protested inside my room.. I also made room events and there were people who are curious of what SOPA and PIPA is and finally aware of what's happening in the internet world.

    The latest news about this hottest news is that the vote on January 24, 2012 was postponed in senate since the bill had no chance of getting enough votes.. Aside from it, SOPA is delayed as well. SO! This is actually a good news for now but still, we don't know if they continue it again.


    After the protest inside my room, I enjoyed taking pictures with my friends and some Étoiles are there as well! I MISSED BONDING WITH MY FRIENDS <3

★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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