With Out Lies

   We have posted last time on our post, Accused that our mom is being accused by the people who know nothing and the ones who only see the pad side. Mainly, the real reason of the accusement was because of Aya's message she sent on Ameba Pico Support. Telling that if Ameba Pico will give her account back, she'll tell everything about the cheat. And as much as you can see... there were no agreement happened that time.
    People used this message as a proof that Aya is the reason of everything they lost. Though, I'm sure that it's a misunderstanding and they over reacted of what they saw w/o analyzing well.
    I've been saying that it's impossible if the Admins/Staff doesn't know what's happening on their game. And just  like on Ameba Pigg, they took your gummies, tokens, casino dollars and fishing point when you cheat it so I think it's better than banning their users.
    If you are not convince with the things I've just said... well, look at this image.
    See Ameba Pico's reply? Now, judge AYA Étoile after realizing everything. If you got problem... maybe you just can't understand. Better RE-READ
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MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile


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