Winter Challenge

    New Casino Challenge AGAIN!!! Well, Ameba has been releasing challenge every week and I know most of you have been waiting for this to earn more caisno dollar! Well, the new campaign seems like its interesting. It looks like the guards in royal houses somewhere in Europe and it's red! Really like a royal outfit! So don't miss it!

January 11th~January 16th (2:00

in Slot Area

Win C$1,000(from the start)

→ Almighty One x10, Slot x3 Perfume x5

Win C$10,000(from start)
→Almighty Three x 10, Slot x5 Perfumex5

Win C$50,000 (from the start)
→Winter Chair, Almighty Three x 5, Slot x5 Perfume x5

Win C$ 100,000(from the start)
→Winter Floor, Winter Wall ,
Almighty Three x5, Slot x5 Perfume x5

Win C$150,000 (from the start)
→Winter Outfit, Winter Fur Hat, Winter Window,
Almighty Three x10, Slot x5 Perfume x10
Don't miss the Limited item too!

☆Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


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