There have been a big issue in cyber in whole world since yesterday, January 18, 2012 regarding the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). SOPA and PIPA are for the protection of copyrights of the owner to avoid piracy in the internet to simplify, they are for Anti-Online Piracy.

    Basically, SOPA and PIPA are to protect copyright of the  creators and obviously, there have been users who uploading illegal content and unauthorized files which is considered as criminality. Google and Wikipedia are one of the popular sites that protested against the censorship or anti-piracy legislation  from the SOPA and PIPA that are aiming to stop online piracy on American intellectual property. If these acts passed, there's the fact we loose popular and useful sites such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and more. Based on our research, Facebook is also considered as one of the websites that provides piracy such an illegal uploads which is possibly to be block by the law.

    On behalf of this issue, Facebook will close on March 15, 2012 is not true. Facebook is not going to shut down because of SOPA and PIPA on the said date. It is just a false rumor, an hoax, a fictional story that was delivered from "Weekly World News" which is impossible to happen. Most of the people who aware regarding the issue thinks that it has something to do with SOPA and PIPA, and the truth is, it is not. If Facebook closes, it is possibly because of the approved acts and not because of the reason said on the online tabloid site.

    If Facebook will close because of  the stress  that Zuckerberg had been experiencing and the site is getting 'out of control' then why don't they just give us a notice directly from Facebook directly on their home page? Besides Facebook is also against the SOPA and PIPA act. Mark Zuckerberg says "Facebook takes online piracy and copyright infringement very seriously but we believe the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Onlince Piracy Act (SOPA) are not the right solution" which obviously saying that they are not planning to close Facebook because of this acts.

    The original version of this hoax was last year, March 15, 2011 which is just updated and brought out from the past to present time. So don't panic! We shouldn't focus on the "Facebook will shut down issue". We should focus more about the SOPA and PIPA because it could affect many sites since most of the popular sites these past few days are founded in America where the law enforcement is happening..

Does it have something to do with Ameba Pico? Or other games?

    Mr. Zuckerberg is right. The acts are not the answer to stop the piracy. Though,  the copy right holders already have the ability to remove infringing material from the Internet. As far as I know, it is called Digital Millennium Copyright. One of the example is YouTube. Lots of videos which are removed because of the copyright holder claims the media you have been uploaded and there is no way that YouTube would approve your video.

    Remember, most of the popular sites such as Yahoo: where we usually make our e-mail adress, Google: that has the free weblog called blogger/blogspot, Facebook: where we play Ameba Pico and more are founded in United States and Ameba Pico is a game from Cyber Agent AMERICA which could possibly affect by the acts since SOPA and PIPA are made by the lawmakers of U.S.A. If SOPA and PIPA passed, facebook can be blocked. How about the Ameba Pico users who registered their account through Facebook? Obviously, we are affected and possibly can't play the game. How about the money we spent for the game? Remember, it is impossible to take it back. Then. how about the friends we met through cyber?  How we could find them again? What will happen now???


don't you think, we, the gamers can be affected as well?

Isn't Facebook and Ameba Pico has copyright?

    Yes, Ameba Pico has copyright even Facebook as well. Any websites have copyright even the free websites where we make an account. Any Blog (ex. etoile-sisters.blogspot.com) from a copyrighted site (etoile-sisters.blogspot.com) can be copyrighted by the author. Just google the meaning of URL to understand more. Even a poem, music or tiny art can be copyrighted by the artist as long as you made it, you OWN it. 

Piracy is happening,  but copyright of the actual site doesn't have anything to do with the SOPA and PIPA because, they do not own the media files that are uploaded on their web by their users. Remember that SOPA/PIPA are for Anti-Online Piracy.  Even if a site such as Facebook has their own copyright but the piracy is happening inside site or in other words, their users violates law, Facebook is supposed to be responsible to do an action. But if there is SOPA and PIPA they might be the one to do an action, the first move by sensoring Facebook and until we can't able to access it anymore. Means, no Ameba Pico.

     Imagine if SOPA and PIPA are approved. Possibly, Youtube, Facebook , Twitter, Yahoo, Google or any sites where piracy is happening can be blocked. Even Blogspot which is under by Google can be affected. If these sites are blocked by the approved law, imagine how it could make the cyber world withered. Everything on Internet will be affected, ruined and destroyed.

I want to participate the protest against SOPA and PIPA

    There are a lots of petitions about anti- SOPA and anti-PIPA. It is not yet the end. The house Of representatives in America will push forward the bill in February and there is a plan to have voting on January 24 for PIPA so it's not yet late! Sign the petitions we found  and share to people!
Stop American Censorshiphttp://americancensorship.org/
Fight for the Futurehttp://fightforthefuture.org/pipa/
Google: End Piracy, Not Liberty https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/
Mozilla: Protect The Internet As We Know It https://donate.mozilla.org/page/s/sopa-pipa-petition
Wikipedia: Believe in a free and open internet http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/SOPA/Blackoutpage
Twitter#factswithoutwikipedia, #SOPAstrike, #wikipediablackout, #Censorship, #PIPA and #SOPA.

    I'm letting everyone to know this issue because SOPA and PIPA is a big problem in cyber world and real life because it could also affect our virtual life. So we are hoping that you can join on protesting SOPA (which can be the cause of the popular website to be censored like it is banned) and PIPA (which can destroy internet) for the future of the cyber world.


★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie  Étoile & MiaRi Étoile 
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Asυкα_Jσαn said...

Actually on March 15 is my birthday. I'm really worry that Facebook will close on my birthday, that day. I would also want to say Thank You for posting this post. This post makes me not really worry. ~Joan

Dragana_Nott said...

I really hope they won't shut down Ameba Pico. I've made so many wonderful friends there, and at least one of my friends on the net has came over to Pico with me. I've became quite addicted to it again. If the SOPA and PIPA even try it, I'll definately petition for it and fight for Ameba Pico!

Jaynifer Sagana said...

They Can't take away Amebapico! D:

Anonymous said...

they won't idiots AMEBA PICO is already copyrighted TIGHT like facebook....but i don't care i stop playing pico along time ago

Jessica said...


Dragana_Nott said...

Lets fight this threat! Now! Because if this passes, it will ripple out further than we can think!

WPA: Websites Protection Act.


Lavi Śhieru said...

SOPA sucks. They want to block our internet. T^T

Jessica said...

yeah your right Lavi they just wanna block our internet I PROTEST!!! I SPEND MY MONEY TO BUY AG!!!! DX

Michelle Yeoh said...

OMG , This is soooo important !! Shareeee !!!! I'm so worried !! :((((( If Ameba Pico is shut down , my parents will kill me ! I had spent so much AG on the game !! Omg !!! I can't stop sobbing in real !!! -Nicole™εsca

Aimi Sohma~ said...

Without facebook, pico, youtube and google, What's the use of internet? :'( SAY NO TO SOPA AND PIPA NOW!

Tazuka said...

(If I'm you, I'd post this after 'Everything on Internet will be affected, ruined and destroyed.)
But that's the main reason why we have computers. We have computers to search up stuff in Google and Wikipedia for information/photos, and without YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, we have no entertainments when we use computers at all. Although we can still have some applications in the computer, you can't download any more applications (thanks to SOPA and PIPA), and if you don't understand how to use it, you have no way to understand it - perhaps forever.
And what about DeviantArt? People has worked on their artworks and took photos and posted up in there. Then, those people have no ways to share their pictures to the whole world, and worst of all, we aren't allowed to see them.
Most importantly is that we will never know what is beyond the world. If you can't go onto the websites, then you have no way of booking airplane and movie tickets etc.! And you can learn socialing in the Cyber World as well. And most importantly - I learnt more English and my English improved from C to A after I played Ameba Pico. WE NEED ENTERTAINMENTS TO SURVIVE, OR PEOPLE NEVER LEARN.

~Crє sє nt☪

This Otaku said...


Valencia Clarissa said...

stop SOPA & PIPA!

Eternal said...

ohh...no wonder wikipedia blacked out that day...
like seriously
i would go nuts without Pico
Pico prevent me from going into depression you know
whoever thought of this SOPA & PIPA thing needs to go get a life instead of making our
s life difficult

Dragana_Nott said...



Dragana_Nott said...

One other thing, I wish I had mentioned in my last comment. I think that we should write a bill protecting the websites that we all love, and going about piracy the right way.

Queen Erza Say' : said...

ill fuck u sopa!

The Cuties Members said...

Actually,March 15 is our Computer Competition from school.But sadly,SOPA and PIPA are going..
Yes,I would love everyone if Ameba pico would be still there!Oh,Wikipedia? That's so sad.In school,we can use it for searching the meaning or the fact.Everyone use it for their homeworks.
Ithink our Computer Competition would still going on,Im sure it will.But i need to ask my teachers before we start the Computer Competition.Just a challenge..

Thank you for reading~

fanny clara said...

Huh.. Say no to SOPA AND PIPA. i didn't like their style.. want to stop internet D: grr..

Lisa1051 in CP said...

As a former Ameba Pico player, I should tell you that the game closed on December 17, 2012. I'm sure all of you know that by now...

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