What is Étoile?

    We have been lots of wonders ever since  people became aware of 'Étoile'. I know most of you know the meaning of this word in french is 'star'. But, how does people pronounce it? We've been wondering around since it's not an English language, maybe people are already takin it mistakenly w/o being aware.

    So how does people pronounce it in real life? Last January 23, we had a small trivia in our fan page asking everyone on 'How do you pronounce 'Étoile'. So how does the result end up?

     Most of them voted 'E-toi-le' just like how you spell it as it is which was really obvious to have the highest votes.. but its WRONG.

     Only few people got the right answer, out of 170+ total of votes as for now, only 4 people got the right answer which is 'Et-wal'. Yes, that's the right pronunciation of this french word that you have became aware of.

     We will be having more polls soon so, stay tune!!

    Feel free to vote on the poll: How do you pronounce 'Étoile

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