After a very long time! I even thought I am not going to see her anymore and when I went online to AFK (lol) Rose hurriedly whispered me and say "NICKY ÉTOILE IS HERE!"

    I was so surprised seeing her after a long time not seeing her. I thought she won't be online anymore. I already flood her of my messages but then, I saw her fb saying she quit pico and after that she doesn't have any updates on her wall and I was really surprised to see her today!

    Also, Sexquisite which is Kxtten now is finally active again on Pico! They are coming back! YAY! Zye and Nicky made my day. And then, I called other Étoiles to meet Nicky and Zye specially Ape and Eric who haven't meet them before.

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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